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Research On The Legalization Of Independent Recruitment Interview Program

Posted on:2016-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464971502Subject:Science of Law
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To survey the Interview Procedure of Independent Recruitment with the concept of modern procedure, we can find out its abundant concepts: rule of law, democracy,protection of rights, power balance, procedure justness, freedom and restriction, efficiency and fairness, procedural competition, etc, which is also the jurisprudential basis of the Interview Procedure of Independent Recruitment. At present, the Independent Recruitment in our country can be divided into 3 kinds: the first kind is represented by Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, which takes the interview scores as the major basis for admission and the college entrance examination achievement as a reference; the second kind is the General Major University treats the college entrance examination achievement as a greater role and combines or refers to the interview scores;the third kind is the independent entrance examination held by Vocational Education College with larger enrollment autonomy. Due to the differences of important degree and the investigation content of the interview between these 3 kinds of Independent Recruitment, the process and strictness of Interview Procedure vary one from another. The Independent Recruitment in most of the developed countries possesses greater autonomy,forming the enrollment mode mainly made up of by Recommendation and Approval System, and part of elite schools also set up Interview Procedure; however, because of the well-developed culture and social credit system and other reasons, the center of Interview Procedure is the professor’s evaluation rights, but in terms of the development of Interview Procedure, it has nothing for us to referred. At present, the Interview Procedure of Independent Recruitment of our country is affected hugely by the administerization of colleges and universities, and the objectives of Interview Procedure of Independent Recruitment for part of the colleges and universities are disordered, at the same time there is a lacking in the extent of disclosure and the discretion benchmarks have not been detailed. The realization of legalization for the Interview Procedure of Independent Recruitment is also restricted by economic costs, cultural concept and the objective existence of discretion. To improve the Interview Procedure of Independent Recruitment of our country and realize the procedure justness, the access system of interview qualification shall be improved in advance and then the substantive rules and affordable surveillance procedures of Interview Procedure shall be formulated. Concretely speaking,to regulate the Principals Real Name Recommendation System and gradually implement the self-recommendation system and other kinds of recommendation systems and further regulate the approval system for application materials. In the substantive rules of Interview Procedure, to stipulate the composition rules, generative rules of interview discretion benchmark, randomized double-blind system for interview of Interview Committee as well as the evaluation system of interview results. The system constructionof procedural security system shall be centered on supervision, which also can set up and promote the sound recording and video recording system for interview, observer system for interview, patrol system for interview and the responding system for interview query.
Keywords/Search Tags:Independent Recruitment, Interview Procedure, Procedure Justness, Legalization
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