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Legal Issues Research Of Micro-credit Corporation’s Supervision In China

Posted on:2016-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 2005 the micro-credit corporation stepped into historical stage, it has played an increasingly important role in the course of the rural economy. Micro-credit corporations are beneficial supplements for the formal financial institutions, they grow out of nothing and expand from small to large, developing at an alarming rate in the national scope. The establishment of micro-credit corporations help narrow the gap between the rich and poor, realize social equity. The micro-credit corporation actively guides the capital flow to the less developed areas, it devotes to solve financing problem of micro enterprise as well as countryside, agriculture and farmers, greatly promotes the development of inclusive financial. At the same time, we should not ignore the problem appearing the development process of micro-credit corporation. As a public welfare organization, micro-credit corporation is under the strict supervision instead of enjoying the political favour, which caused a serious obstacle to its development. In this paper, the author will take the Xianning practices as breakthrough point, analyze from two aspects include the existing rules and theories. The author affirms the breakthrough of the new rules, while also faces the loopholes in the existing laws and regulations. In order to perfect the current regulation system, the not mentioned and unsolved problems will be discussed, then we can formulate in accordance with actual measures for the management of micro-credit corporations.The article is divided into four parts.The first part of the article it’s the empirical analysis. It is about the spot investigation report of Xianning, the author begins through the form of charts, data, intuitive shows the current development of micro-credit corporation in Xianning City. Taking Xianning practices as the starting point, the author also roughly induce and comb the national micro-credit corporation’s operating situation. Thus we can have a clear understanding of the difficulties of micro-credit corporation encountered in the regulatory process, then we will find out the way to solve the problems and to further improve the existing system.The second part of the article is theoretical summarization. It integrates the academic circles of the existing supervision theory, discusses the micro-credit corporation supervision framework, supervision mode and supervision principles. This part is analyzed and reviewed for different views of scholars, according to the actual situation to choose suitable road for China’s national conditions and the development of micro-credit corporation. While compared the theoretical point of view with the existing rules, in order to examine the combination of both the extent and the final implementation of the results.The third part of the article is the reflection of the rules. It introduces the current regulatory rules about micro-credit corporation, summarizes the provisions of the same parts of the rules. Compared the Guidance on the Pilot of Micro-credit Corporation with the Regulations Measures of Micro-credit Corporation(draft), thus we can confirm the progress and innovation of current law and point out its shortage.The last part is about the adjustment of the system. This part base on the analysis of the theory and rules, discusses the unsolved problems of micro-credit corporation in Xianning practices. First of all we have to accurate positioning of micro-credit corporations, make a clear understanding of micro-credit corporation’s service object and set goals, change and correct the existing way of exit; secondly, on the whole, redraw the financial supervision of the central and local governments, truly establish local financial risk burden mechanism; finally, in the micro level, we should improve and perfect the current specific regulatory system, reduce the regulatory costs and improve the efficiency of supervision, so as to promote the sustainable development of micro-credit corporation.
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