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Study On Living Space In Children Welfare Institute Based On Orphanage Family Mode

Posted on:2015-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467454655Subject:Architecture and civil engineering
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In recent years, with the development of child welfare in China, the disadvantages of traditional centralized-raised pattern of children welfare institutes have been unfolding incrementally. Thus new rearing patterns, which can meet children’s physical and mental development needs, have become the focus of the design method of children welfare institutes. Family foster care pattern was originated from foreign countries. But it has been promoted slowly in China, burdened by special medical care of disabled children. These two patterns can both offer a number of possible approaches to solve the problem in child welfare, but each one has its own drawbacks, which making it difficult to explore new rearing patterns. Now there is a new pattern, which is called orphanage family mode pattern, to settle the problems to some extent. Under this kind of pattern, disabled children can be taken care of as they are in family, and can also get the hospital professional medical care. As the promoting of the pattern, the design method has transferred from the f(?) of normal house to the more perfected form which has meet the ysical and mental development needs of disabled children.This paper, on the practice of the design of Nanjing ZuTangShan Child Welfare Institute, picked up the experience of some other orphanage family buildings and further explored a new way of design method which made full use of barrier free facilities in the buildings and was applicable to the characteristics of the children’s needs. Because of the short of construction standard, the design of most orphanage family buildings referred to the normal houses and kindergartens. On the base of the research of children and the design method of orphanage family buildings, this paper summarized the design method of orphanage family mode,which has certain reference value for the future design method.This paper was divided into four chapters. The first chapter was the introduction part. Then the second chapter presented the background and development necessity of orphanage family mode. The third chapter, which is the focus of the paper, detailed the design method of ZuTangShan Child Welfare Institute. In the end, the fourth chapter carried on the simple summary and prospect. There were about27000words and35figures,3tables in the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Children welfare institute, Orphanage family mode, Barrier freedesign, Design method
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