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Research On Service-oriented Community-level Party Organizations Building In A New Situation

Posted on:2015-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G D ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467460483Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Report at18th Party congress has explicitly pointed out that we should makecommunity-level Party organizations more service-oriented, with serving the people andengaging in people-related work being their main tasks. Service-oriented community-levelParty organizations strive to the fundamental aim for strengthening and improving Party’sleading by returning to society and strengthening deep contact with Party members, themasses and society, which Has a huge and profound significance of theory and practice inmaking community-level Party building more scientific in all respects,making innovationsin social management, consolidating the organizational foundation for the exercise ofgovernance by the Party to gain political resources forever, as well as in completing thebuilding of a moderately prosperous society in all respects to win new victories forsocialism with Chinese characteristics. The paper is mainly composed of three parts:the first part, mainly discusses thelogical background and basis by the method of theoretical analysis, the correct graspfor the basic meaning of service-oriented community-level Party organizations, adetailed analysis on Functional orientation of the Service-oriented community-levelParty organizations,and the significance of promoting Service-oriented community-levelParty organizations building under new conditions. The second part reveals a variety of problems in the building of the Service-orientedcommunity-level Party organizations through the empirical analysis and practicalinvestigation. The problems include the following:the setting up of community-levelParty organizations is not scientific. A small number of Party members and officials arenot fully aware of its purpose and service conviction. Basic service facilities are notperfect. Comprehensive capacity of service is weak. Lacking of funds and many systemicbarriers stand in the way of promoting building of the Service-oriented community-level Party organizations.In the light of the difficulties in practice, the third part proposes how to deal with the practical dilemma by the integrated means of sociology, organizational behavior and other methods. The solutions includes:Optimize the coverage of Party organizations and Party work. Strengthen propaganda, education and training. Step up efforts to establish platform. Make great efforts to form a cohesive relations among building of the service-oriented community-level Party organizations, the establishment of service-oriented community-level government, fostering all kinds of mass organizations etc. The paper, finally, especially emphasizes the improvement of the institutional and mechanism including the establishment of assessment system of contacting and serving the people.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-orientation, community-level Party organizations, functionalorientation, practical difficulties, route choice
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