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The Research About Peasant Household Credit Legal System Of China

Posted on:2015-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Peasant household credit reporting is an important part of the rural credit system.Peasant household credit system to improve plays a very important role in ruralfinancial ecological optimization and rural economic development. The rule of law isan important way to solute the current lack of faith in rural areas and non-standardcredit transaction. While the native born in China’s traditional culture in theconstruction of social credit system as a non-accelerated urbanization process changesits rhythm, the dominant trend is born within the system of rural credit tonon-contractual credit evolution, China’s rural currently the existence of two kindsof credit models: non-institutional credit and contractual credit. A sound peasanthousehold credit legal system should draw the concept of credit in developed countryon the basis of the actual situation in our country.This paper uses the method of value analysis, comparative analysis method, anda method of historical analysis of the empirical analysis of the problems of peasanthousehold credit research. Development in the context of this paper is to determinethe basic concepts of the legal system and the peasant household credit analysis of thelegal relationship between the peasant household on credit, analysis of theparticularity of the cultural fabric of our country and peasant household in rural credit,introduces the status quo of China’s household credit legal system, Finally, to improvethe legal system of China’s household credit proposals on the basis of credit referencesystem in developed countries. This paper is divided into four parts:The first part is the legal basis of farmer credit system, By clarifying theconnotation of credit, credit and peasant household credit, farmers Creditdeconstruction legal relationship of body, as well as object-based analysis to definethe legal relationship between the various subjects, and points out the value ofhousehold credit system.The second part is the reason our credit system produced by farmers, The mainreason is that the changes in the structure of China’s rural social credit, the economicimpact of the necessity of structural features of the rural credit system anddeficiencies of the existing credit system.The third part of the status quo of China’s legal system peasant household creditsummarize and assessment, While noting that the current legal system settings peasant household credit the problems from the macro-direct provision of credit for peasanthousehold in a blank state laws or regulations, the direct credit to peasant householdprescribed departmental rules and policy documents fragmented, lacks systematic,and lower levels of effectiveness, the lack of a mandatory, and even more for thepolicy normative documents; On the other hand to analyze its unreasonable creditfrom the micro level of specific legal rules farmers-peasant household credit data inthe collection, use and transfer process, the credit does not regulate the activities ofcredit rights resulting in peasant household not protected.The fourth part based on the current situation in the credit culture and legalsystem of China’s rural peasant household credit, Examine credit system in developedcountries, mainly from the right to the protection of peasant household ’ credit, creditreporting agencies and credit norms departure information users, made to improve thelegal system of China’s peasant household credit specific recommendations-toimprove farmers’ right to informed consent, the right to dissent and the right todamages, credit institutions should endowed with legal obligations and clear datacollection, data accuracy and timeliness of credit obligations, credit dataconfidentiality obligations, information users prohibition of abuse of credit data andcredit obligations of credit institutions enjoy the right data evaluation and informationusers have the right to use the credit data.
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