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On The Construction Of Service-oriented Local Government

Posted on:2016-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467477784Subject:Administrative Management
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With the progress of the times, the socialist market economic system graduallyimproved,the reform of government system in our country was gradually advancing,Theprime minister Wen JiaBao called for concerted efforts of the whole nation of servicetype government construction. At present the construction of public service governmentis a national consensus,It is the urgent requirement of the development of socialistdemocratic politics, is the only way which must be passed of constructing theharmonious society, is the strategic choice to deal with the international challenges,more is to effectively improve the ability of government public, inevitable choice toimprove the living standards of citizens.The political function and the form of ourcountry’s traditional too strengthen their control and personnel management, weakeningthe responsibility content of the public service aspect.This approach has been unable tomeet the change of the society, can not meet the practical needs of citizens.So theconstruction of public service oriented government is the target of our country andthe political system reform, more is the ardent hope of the whole society, is of greatsignificance to the protection of civil rights,improve people’s livelihood.The public service government is under the premise of the politicaldemocracy, regards the social standard and citizen standard as the basic value and thecore idea,in order to achieve the harmonious development of the society and thecreation of public interest as the goal and set up.The construction of public serviceoriented government is based on the governance theory, the new public managementtheory, new public service theory as the theoretical foundation.Many localgovernments in response to the call made early attempts, and have achievedsome results,but overall in the exploration stage, facing many deep level problems.Hangzhou city has made a lot of efforts in building a public service-oriented localgovernment, Hangzhou government continue to adjust its structure of government,government functions, mode of operation, financial expenditure and service mode.Italso promote the reform of the government itself, persist in innovation of public goodsand services, strengthen citizen supervision, set up the service platform, to improve thegovernment’s administrative efficiency, enhance the government’s public service capacity.This paper organizes the related literature collection, based on the publicservice related theory, selecting Hangzhou city as the research object of publicservice-oriented local government,through the empirical study on the evaluationof case analysis, in the construction of public service government in HangzhouCity, effectiveness and shortcomings, and put forward the improvement proposal.This paper is divided into four parts, the first part is the introduction, is theintroduction of the research background, research significance and research method ofthe proposed explanation, and the domestic and foreign literature summary andinduction.The second part is the related theory of public service,and Put forward"five kinds of mode of government in one" hypothesis.The third and forth part is tostudy some practical exploration on the construction of the service type government inHangzhou,the main method through empirical analysis of Hangzhou CityHall make analysis in the public service status of public education, science andtechnology, medical and health, environmental protection and social security fiveaspects.The fifth part is on the basis of the above analysis is discussed in detail how theHangzhou government to improve the level of service type government constructionand put forward opinions and suggestions of the reform.The innovation of this paper lies in (1) starting by the financial point of view, selectthe financial indicators, objective directly, the data obtained have the authority andaccuracy, to avoid the effect of subjective factors of researchers.(2)Put forward a"five kinds of mode of government in one" hypothesis,according to the actual situationof Hangzhou City, analyzes the problems and puts forward suggestions for theconstruction.(3)Selecting Hangzhou city as the concrete object of study, although manyplaces have tried to build a public service-oriented government, and they also realized toenhance the capacity of public services, but the research about Hangzhou city is less, theempirical analysis result is real, put forward effective policy suggestions on furtherconstruction.For Hangzhou this paper is reference and guidance to further build apublic service-oriented local government.
Keywords/Search Tags:the institutional reform of the government, local government, fiscalExpenditure, public service
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