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The Comparative Study Of Chinese And Western Deliberative Democracy

Posted on:2016-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467494420Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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In late twentieth Century, with the rapid revival of postwar western capital of theworld, the traditional social governance mode has also changed. Public affairs of theirown citizens around the increasingly high participation, coordination and managementof these things through mutual consultation and communication, its performance inmany areas than the government and the market is more effective. In this socialcontext, deliberative democracy has become a new field in western academic circlesbegan to pay attention to. The Western deliberative democracy theory originated inthe Anglo American tradition of liberal constitutionalism and the European continent,the traditional critical theory. It emphasizes the ordinary citizen in a pluralistic societystructure background, through participation in public affairs, to reach a consensus onthe policy and legislation. It is the core of negotiation and consensus. It is insufficientto redress the liberalism, but also contribute to the political practice of different levelsof political community, this is its theory origin of a kind of transcendence. Chinesestudy of deliberative democracy theory started late, but its early germination ofdeliberative democracy in the period of Anti Japanese War and the new democraticrevolution period, so that deliberative democracy actually has a rich history andexperience in China. The2012meeting of the eighteen CPC was first proposed andestablished the "deliberative democracy" concept, and the future of China’s howdeliberative democracy and improve the socialist system of planning and deployment.This paper will make discussion on the rise and development of western theory ofdeliberative democracy and Chinese Association of democratic theory together, acomparative study of summarizing their experience through the analysis of thedifference and connection between the two, combined with the characteristics ofChina socialist theory and practice of our country in the future, how to develop andperfect China socialist deliberative democracy system and put forward somesuggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:consultant democracy, China and western countries, differences andconnections
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