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Research On The Path Of Privatization Of Chinese Public Utilities Based On New Public Management Theory

Posted on:2015-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467496385Subject:Administrative Management
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Since China’s reform and opening up, Chinese public utilities have witnessed great progress. As people’s growing material and cultural needs, how to efficiently run public utilities becomes a serious problem. Public utility privatization is a good choice which can not only reduce the financial burden on the government, but also effectively provide high quality service for the people. At present, some achievements have been made, but various practical problems are exposed in the reform. Our country is still in the early stage of public utility privatization, which has suffered "bottleneck".Based on this background, various aspects of public utility privatization have been analyzed by many scholars. This thesis reviews China’s public utility privatization from the perspective of new public management, with the hope that the essence of the theory can refine the reform path. Through the analysis of the status quo of China’s public utility privatization, and the practice of Britain’ experience, the select and general reform path which is suitable for the Chinese situation has been summarized.The first chapter expounds the research background and meaning of public utility privatization. Moreover, sort out and comment on "privatization" and "new public management theory" from both domestic and abroad angle. In addition, summarize research methods, framework and innovative points of the thesis.The second chapter carries on the theoretical analysis of public utility privatization, discusses the connotation, mode and premises of it and further expounds the influence of new public management theory on public utility privatization.The third chapter analyzes the status quo and problems of China’s public utility privatization, including gains and losses, and predicament of the reform.The fourth chapter analyzes the Britain’s practice of public utility privatization, and the revelations to China.The fifth chapter elaborates the select path of Chinese public utility privatization based on new public management theory. Firstly, have a command of two oncoming trends in China’s public utility privatization, namely steady rise in China’s public utility privatization and the coming era of "electronic democracy". Secondly, lower transaction costs. To establish a clear property right system is fundamental. To build private industrial park is outspread, and straighten the government functions is key. Finally, introduce private management approach, attach great importance to the performance evaluation and human resource management, and enhance the professionalism of privatization.The sixth chapter makes a conclusion and looks forward to the future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:public utilities, privatization, new public management theory, selectpath
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