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Study On Problems And Strategies Of Local Government’s Function In Management Of Market Economy

Posted on:2015-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467954149Subject:Public administration
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During the development of the modern market economy, there are somecommon issues on the transformation of the government’s economic function, andthe relationship between the government’s management and the market economyfor all the countries in the world. For us, they seem particularly complex because ofthe particularity of the modern development in China. In recent years, theimbalance between the government’s management and the market’s self-regulationis increasingly prominent. Meanwhile, affected by the global financial crisis andother factors, the development of our market economy is facing fluctuation.Therefore, people are urged to rethink some issues about the government: how todefine the government’s economic function; how to transform the government’seconomic function and improve its management and regulation on market economy,so as to achieve the perfect combination with the market, and to achieve acomprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development economy in China. Thisis exactly the reason why this topic is selected.In this thesis, the author makes concrete analysis and evaluation of the presentsituation of local government’s economic management, based on a concrete subjectof study that the ups and downs of the business circle of the steel trade in Wuxi.The author also collects some relevant documents and papers as reference, andadopts some research methods like cross-subjects study, assistant-analysis on casesand data. According to the analysis on the problems in the economic management of the local government, the author gives some advices to improve thegovernment’s economic function, so as to give an overall study on thetransformation of the government’s economic function.There are five parts in this paper. In the introduction, it briefly introduces thepurpose why to choose this topic. Then in the first chapter, it gives a more analysison the basis and background of choosing this topic, the literature review both athome and abroad, and the research thoughts and methods. The second chapterexplains some theories used for reference in this paper, and emphasizes the analysison the economic functions and management of local government. The third chapteranalyzes problems a local government may have in the management of marketeconomy. The fourth chapter gives an empirical analysis on above-mentionedproblems based on the case study of the business circle of the steel trade in Wuxi,both from the development of itself and the local government’s relevantmanagement. The fifth chapter points out some suggestions, in order to transformthe economic function of the government.Although the author gives great efforts in this paper, there are some shortagesin it: it lacks in-depth interdisciplinary study and systematic design of suggestions,and the feasibility remains to be proven.According to the explanation and reference of relevance theories, and takingthe development of the business circle of the steel trade in Wuxi as a an object ofstudy, the author studies the defects and practical predicaments of the economicfunction of the local government with multiple subjects like science of publicmanagement and science of law. That is the innovation of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:local government, economic function, market economy, transformation
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