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Study On The Strategies To Improve Our Government Supervision Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2015-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467959122Subject:Administrative Management
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Finance is the core of modern economy and the banking industry is an important chain of financial sector. From the2007outbreak of the U.S."subprime crisis" resulting in the world’s major financial markets emerged lack of liquidity crisis.The crisis touched the most central part of the developed economies of the financial system which has been influential in global banking, investment banking and insurance giant bear the brunt of trouble and beating is inevitable. The crisis also triggered a comprehensive reflection on banking supervision and the finger of blame have pointed deregulation issues under guidance of the thought of neoclassical free market economy. International financial organizations and countries have also struggled and launched a large number of bank reform initiatives which need to be tested. How to conduct a comprehensive and effective consolidated supervision to the commercial banks which has become a common topic around the world under the new economic situation and technology.PBC (People’s Bank of China) and the CBRC(China Banking Regulatory Commission) are major banking regulatory agency in China. They are ourgovernment conform to the banking industry’s development trend of continuous improvementof banking supervision and with heavy administrative color. This article in the current "one bank and three commissions" regulatory regime through the related to theoretical analysis of our commercial banks and their regulators, a comprehensive exposition of the status quo of China’s commercial banking regulatory system and take the bank regulatory system is more developed U.S., UK, Germany as examples.It also carried out a targeted international comparisons from the aspects of in terms of the basic structure of the financial system, organizational structure and banking supervision system and summarizes the future trends in the development of banking supervision. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of China’s commercial banking supervision theory and situation,it points out the main problems of China’s commercial banks exist in the current regulation especially in the context of the financial crisis which including regulatory system system is not perfect, the lack of a sound regulatory environment, the difficult faced by regulators after the financial crisis times, the lack of strong market discipline, focus and content of banking supervision disadvantages.In view of this, this article put forward the suggestions of further improve and perfect our government’s supervision of commercial bank:building a sound system of banking regulators, to establish an effective monitoring macroeconomic environment coordination and communication mechanisms, improve the legal system and adapt to the development of commercial banks, construction of commercial banks to adapt to the market development constraint mechanism and improving the means and methods of supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Bank, Supervision of Bank, the Regulation System of Govemment, Market Discipline
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