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A Study Of Notarial Procedure

Posted on:2015-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Notarization, as a proof of activities,is widely applied in various fields of society by its strong credibility. Notarial Procedure is the rules and procedures for notarial public office in notarization legal business activities. Formal notarial procedure can guarantee the notarial result in the greatest degree of legitimacy, objectivity and justice, and promote the development of notarization activities in order. Notarial procedure together with notarial legal system originated and flourished in Europe. It is the product of economic development and social division. Our current notarial procedure has been further development in the abroad advanced systems and the situation of our country. The notarial business is court’s jurisdiction in the initial of the country. Afterwards, the country have issued a series of notarial procedure legal norms, and gradually established a relatively scientific and standardized notarial procedure system.Our country notarial procedure includes notarial procedure subject, notarial practice region, notarial notification procedure, investigation procedure, relief procedure and special procedure and so on. The notarial procedure has the features of starting by the applying of the Litigants, neutrality, determinacy and non public, as well as five principles of legitimate, objective, fair, direct and efficient.Although our country notarial procedure system is relatively perfect, but there are still many deficiencies, such as practice regional limitation, same notarization different notification content and notarial Investigation is restricted by the subjective and objective factors. To solve these problems, need the whole legislators and notary industry to effort together. Adjust notarial procedure by legislation and given the notarial public office the right of investigation. Notary industry should strengthen the construction of quality of notaries, attract the best talent, and establish a scientific and rational management mechanism. Establish national notarial information sharing network platform. Strengthen the notarial practice risk prevention and risk consciousness, Set up the interaction with other sectors of society and industry to create a good external notarization environment.The significance of this study is to make our country notarial procedures more standardized and reasonable, the notary industry more healthy and orderly, and let the notarization to play a stronger role in partaking social development and building law society.
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