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Based On Marxist Philosophy Research Of China’s E-commerce Legislation

Posted on:2016-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q G WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467981894Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Under the globalization situation,The rapid development of electronic commerce,it brought many new opportunities for the economic development of China.WhileChina’s e-commerce regulations original present a serious lag behind the status ofe-commerce practice,This situation has become China’s e-commerce activities severelyhampered the normal orderly. For this field of e-commerce law system research,produced a group of outstanding research results, through system analysis to theexisting research literature, it is easy to find cause China’s e-commerce law lags behindthe business practice activity, the reason is that many of the legislative theory in toonarrow a view is one of the current electronic commerce law lag is the main reason. Asmost of the current our country electronic commerce legislation research is legislationand legislative or business practice in some cases about the legislation and lawenforcement, rather than from the Angle of e-commerce law yuan theory method tostudy the legislation and enforcement of e-commerce, thus appeared1. The legislationcontent and the actual e-commerce practice does not have homogeneity;2. Because ofthe lack of internal system and external environment of e-commerce legislationdynamic correlation research, lead to existing e-commerce legislation into lawenforcement does not have dynamic correlation, this creates an e-commerce law cannot adapt to the dynamic development of electronic commercial activity;3. Theelectronic commerce legislation and law enforcement theory lacks the guidance ofholistic thinking, in turn, caused the existing e-commerce law legislation and lawenforcement on the lack of integrity. And the founders of marxist theory of standing inthe Angle of the development of the human civilization achievement of human, hascarried on the inheritance and development, started to be able to make a universalexplain the innovative theory of nature and human society. Its internal homogeneity,widespread contact and systemic thinking behind just able to existing e-commerce law,there exist errors existing in the legislation guiding ideology, imperfect system, lack ofunified management and give a reasonable explanation about the problem such as lackof operability and resolution. However, looking from the existing literature fromthe perspective of marxist philosophy to the electronic commerce legislation to do system research is very rare, based on this the paper from the perspective ofmarxist philosophy as a whole of legislation and enforcement of law of our countryelectronic commerce system dialectical analysis, find out the electronic commerce lawlags behind the crux of the electronic business practice, and based on these problemsare given the specific strategy to solve the problem, and enrich China’s e-commercelaw theory and boost a well-ordered development of China’s e-commerce activities.This thesis mainly discusses six parts:(1)the first introduced in the introductionwith the development of e-commerce activities, a new way to trade, and the electroniccommerce the lag of legislation and the serious influence its development, for thefollowing philosophy to guide.(2) the second chapter of the paper elaborates on thebasic theory of e-commerce law. First elaborates on the concept and characteristics ofelectronic commerce law and legislative principles, and then expounds its regulatingobject and scope of application.(3) from the perspective of marxist legal, Why do youwant to study on the improvement of the electronic commerce legislation from theperspective of marxist philosophy.(4) The fourth chapter from the perspective ofmarxist philosophy, the dialectical analysis of law of our country electronic commerce.From on the current situation and existing problems of China’s e-commerce method,through the dialectical analysis of the current e-commerce legislation at home andabroad, it is concluded that the necessity of perfect electronic commerce law.(5) thechapter fully using the philosophy and strategy, to marxism basic principle guiding andperfect our country electronic commerce law.(6) the conclusion part of the coreargument of this paper make a summary and deepening, for further research ofphilosophy of e-commerce legislation to provide policy support.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marxist Philosophy, Electronic Commerce, Electronic Commerce Law
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