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Research Upon The Liability Of The Indirect Infingement Of Internet Service Provider

Posted on:2016-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rapid development of network technology to bring great convenience to our lives, while inevitably there will be some problems, network violations in judicial practice is also more common in dealing with such cases, how to determine the network service providers Indirect infringement is a problem worthy of study. In China’s relevant civil legislation, the provisions of infringement cases in the network, the network service provider for contributory infringement liability and third party network users direct infringement, but did not bear the legal responsibility for two specific types of circumstances and responsibilities distinguish so only in judicial practice deal with relevant cases from when the trial judge concluded that the relevant judicial interpretations, so Judgment standards are not uniform situation occurs in the judicial practice.Through access to relevant documents and combine their knowledge of this issue of the facile analysis, the first of China’s online service providers for the overall theory of indirect infringement discussed, followed by the network service provider to the theory of indirect infringement of the provisions of the United States as an example of a more perfect China and the US to compare the theory, and cited the more typical case in the course of the comparison to support his point of view, the last country in mapping out the lack of network service providers theory of indirect infringement provisions by the Sino-US comparative and theoretical analysis and on shortcomings presented at some of their suggestions in the process of improving the relevant legislation, the network service provider shall perform a detailed breakdown of the body can not be generalized, in tort law imputation principle is a more central problem, so in determining the network service provider indirect infringement liability, must be clearly attributable to the applicable principles. I hope some of their own views and suggestions will determine the network service providers to help indirect infringement liability, reasonably handle network users, network service providers, direct infringement relationship among people, to find a balance between the interests of the three, develop relevant legal predictability, stability, provide a good legal guarantee for the development of the network industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Service Provider, indirect infringement, havenrules, contributory infringement, alternative infringement
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