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The Research Of Lao PDR’s Accession WTO And The Change Of Government Function

Posted on:2016-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Laos government began to implement innovative route in1986, mainly long planned economy to a large extent restricted the development of the social economy of Laos, this economy is difficult to adapt to the trend of economic globalization. After the reform and opening up, the Lao economy gradually shift from planned economy to market economy, while undergoing a lengthy process, but this route makes the Lao economy and society have undergone tremendous change. Subsequently, the Lao government to continuously improve the openness of Laos, continue to strengthen all aspects of cooperation with Southeast Asian countries, and gradually integrated into the family of the Southeast Asian community.2012, after the government’s ongoing efforts to Laos, Laos successfully joined the WTO. Under the economic globalization, the Lao government is facing tremendous challenges and opportunities in many ways. WTO as the current international economic organizations on the most authoritative, very strict requirements for its member countries, at the moment, the actual situation of the Lao government can not meet the requirements of the World Trade Organization. Therefore, the Lao government should be changed significantly in terms of government functions to adapt to the trend of economic globalization. In this paper, Laos to join WTO as a background for the analysis of the transformation of government functions Laos WTO requirements, it is necessary.This paper has six parts:The first part is an introduction analyzes the background and significance of the research, review, research methodology, and the current government functions theory; the second part analyzes the generation process of the WTO, the purpose of the basic principles and the require government functions; the third part analyzes the main problems exist after the accession of the Lao government functions, the Lao government functions of the current main problems are:the absence of government functions, dislocation and offside, Zhengqibufen issue is not fully resolved,"almighty government "The problem, local protection is more serious, work style and service efficiency; Part Ⅳ analyzes the gap between the Lao government functions with WTO requirements. Gap mainly in four aspects of national treatment gap extent market intervention, market competition, openness and transparent government, their foreign goods and services; Part Ⅴ analyzes the causes of the gap between the Laos government functions with WTO requirements. Main reasons:(1) Laos current legal environment is not conducive to honor WTO commitments; too much (2) Lao government restrictions on economic agents;(3) Laos market economy is not perfect and disorder;(4) the Lao government miscellaneous administrative approval, administrative inefficiencies. Part Ⅵ analyzes the goal after WTO Entry Laos transformation of government functions. Goal is to create functional, reasonable structure, coordination, flexible and efficient system of government functions, the main countermeasures have new ideas, change roles, institutional transformation, means contingency, streamlining the "hardware" optimization "software", upper and lower linkage, supporting operations prevent flop, decoupling in place, straightening out relations, form a concerted effort to improve standards, improve the legal system.
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