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Research On The Mode Of Small Government Service For The Towns And Towns Governance

Posted on:2016-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470460244Subject:Administrative Management
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Everything in the world is advancing in development, today’s rapid development of socialism. At the same time, it also requires the transformation of governance mode township as the foundation of the whole country, to the social stability plays a important role, the township’s governance mode change has become a top priority of social change. In exploring the road of township governance mode of our scholars has paid a lot of effort, through the practice shows that: the mode of "big government","small government" mode, the company of "mode of township governance mode were not consistent with China’s specific national conditions, township governance mode of the importance of social stability and can not find the conflict between township governance model, making as soon as possible to find consistent with a socialist modernization construction of our country township governance mode road is particularly important, and this is the objective.This paper by Marxism theory analysis of the relevance of the governance theory and the local government as the foundation, through the integrated use of literature analysis method, case analysis method, comparative study method and other research methods, grasp system in the township governance theory premise, and the selected the most suitable township’s governance mode- governance mode of "small government big service". The Hunan a typical Township, Zhang Jiang Zhen made an on-the-spot investigation and study, through field surveys collected a large amount of data, after the data analysis, found the restrictive factors in the Zhang Jiang town governance reform and realistic conditions, and to find an effective way to solve this problem. From the perspective of typical township organization, the research on the mode and reform of village governance is very rare. In this sense, this paper has a big innovation.In the background of the research on the mode of village and town governance,this paper clarifies the research ideas and methods of the research, and finds the significance and innovation of the research.. This paper elaborated "big government" pattern, "no government" mode, the "company" mode, etc. a series to China township governance mode, points out the township governance mode of Chinese township governance mode of development-- "small government, big service". The Zhang Jiang Town, for example, respectively, of the township governance to achieve the restrictive factors of "small government, big service", realistic conditions and basicway. To tell the US "small government, big service" the township governance mode of development of the road is tortuous, but the future is bright, we must consistently adhere to the "small government, big service" township governance mode, it will bring new development in the villages and towns in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:the township governance, Small governmen, Local Governance, “Small government big society”, Big government
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