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The Human Based Theory Of Ideological And Political Education

Posted on:2016-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470964741Subject:Marxist theory
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Humanity heat rise in recent years, on the one hand is to promote the development of society people not satisfied with the material extrinsic requirements, more and more inward psychological feelings and other mental pursue change; the other is the modern theory Situation lag and lack of development, especially in the ideological and political education theory research work in terms of people learning far behind, so difficult to carry out ideo logical and political education.Ideological and political education as ideological and political work in life is to develop and improve people’s ethical standards is an important social activity, is the Important Thought of China’s socialist cause can gua rantee development so far. But indoctrination theory still in use in the Revolutionary War, leading to a single way of thinking, people who appear one-sided. With the changes in society, especially after the reform and opening up entered a new era, it is t he development of the social reality and circumstances appeared disjointed. This requires us to ideological and political education work to keep our minds, its focus turned to study the work of the Marxist theory on the human dimension, looking for a combination of both point to better with a new posture, but also for ideological and political education in itself provides a historic opportunity for development.Marxist theory and actively care for human beings, for useful exploration of human nature, in Marx’s life’s work is discussed in more. As the ideological and political education theory of socialism, we must uphold the Marxist theory, the theory of which collate and summarize the human and human-related exposition. Help us to grasp the whole essence of Marxism and the main content of view of human nature, to provide a theoretical basis for the demonstration of ideological and political education of humanity support. Ideological and political education work, play must closely natural function of human nature, highlights the social status; and to meet human needs while realizing legitimate interests and demands of people; consciously safeguard individual freedom, sufficiently promoted development of the personality characteristics. Achieve good ideological and political education work, we must always rely on, around and reflect the content of these six centers requirements. O f course, the content of any study can not just stay in the theoretical research level, but also bent down to close to the ground, gro und gas, deep social practice. Principles and methods of ideological and political education of humanity’s basic problems need to provide actionable practice shall be exercised within the framework of certain legal and other systems. Only do this, ideological and political education may be more common ground have welcomed and recognized, but also to find their own proper convergence point and reality, so as to promote the development of breakthrough and the theory and practice of ideological and political education work.
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