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The Dilemma Of American Strategy Of “Return To Asia-Pacific”

Posted on:2016-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470981850Subject:International politics
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In 2009, the Obama administration proposed the strategy of “return to Asia- Pacific” and the essence of this strategy is The United States get its strategic resources in the global layout again,decreasing the existence in the Atlantic region and giving top priority to east Asia in the Asia-Pacific region by putting more military, political and diplomatic resources.The main strategy of the new strategic layout method is using the theory of "the offshore balancer". America wants to draw some countries which have conflicts with China and the strategic direction after the rise of China doubters over to its side.Building an alliance or quasi alliance group which must be dominated by America make the rising Chinese power and the power of these groups of countries in a certain state of relative balance.Thereby make sure America control these countries and contain Chinese rise.This strategy of The United States is faced with many challenges and most of these challenges are difficult to overcome.First of all,the strategy of The United States smells of the cold war mentally.“return to Asia-Pacific”is completely contrary to the appeal of today’s international community increasingly global and the multi-polarization of the big powers in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the emerging countries; The second,American strategic emphasis priority with Europe, the Persian gulf as the center of the Middle East and east Asia as the center of the Asia-Pacific region.Because of Ukrainian crisis and the Middle East problem,the United States is facing a dilemma to layout more strategic resources to the Asia-Pacific region.;The third,the rising status in the international political and economic pattern makes the United States have more national interests in the Asia-Pacific region.To solve the various hot issues and complicated national relations in the Asia- Pacific region, the United States is demanded only by adopting constructive manner of business cooperation.The complex triangle relationship about The United States, China and Russia will contain the strategy of“return to Asia- Pacific”.Finally, from the point of the domestic politics of America,the ideological trend of isolationism、the defects of two political parties and the negative impact of economic crisis also restrict the implementation of the strategy of“return to Asia-Pacific”.In a word,Sino-America avoiding hostile confrontation、strengthening cooperation and communication and building a new power relationship to solve all kinds of international problems is the only correct choice of America’s national interests.
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