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Study On The Creation Of China’s Service-Oriented Policing

Posted on:2016-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330473457835Subject:Public administration
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Public security and public service is a great social and livelihood issues, especially in the period of China’s social transformation, social stratum differentiation, interests intertwined, the public safety and services provided by public security organs is more urgent. At the same time, with the deepening of the state governance and service reform in government, the public security organs as the largest sector of government functions, in the reform process, also pay more attention to the cultivation of the concept of service and service. However, due to the deviation of ideas, institutional inertia and security lack of conditions and other factors, the China’s service-oriented policing created has been groping for a long time, has not yet formed a system operation mode, let public security organs in the process of law enforcement cann’t better provide public safety and service products. Therefore, in order to enhance the service consciousness of the public security organs to ensure the harmonious relationship between the police and the people, we should create in-depth research from the theory of China’s service-oriented policing, and put the theory into practice to go on a institutionalized and normalized road.This article do a fundamental research on the service type of China’s public security organs police. Text consists of five chapters. The first chapter discusses the service-oriented policing concept, content and theoretical basis, detailed analysis of the police service with the concept, main content and significance of creating, and use the theory of new public management theory, policing economics theory and service-oriented government to deepen understanding of the police service. The second chapter is the development process and the development status of China’s service-oriented policing, cards the transformation of police law enforcement idea from a historical perspective and analyzes the status quo of China’s service-oriented Policing from the point of view of both central and local governments. The third chapter is the case analysis, analyses Qingdao in the status, existing problems and their causes in establishing service-oriented police from the general situation of Qingdao’s economy, population and the police system deeply. The fourth chapter is the international experience, first, we elaborates the advanced experience in the aspect of police work in developed countries like the United States, Britain, Singapore, and then describes the enlightenment to the work about creating service public security organ, including the transformation of the government’s administrative idea, paying attention to system construction, and stronging grass-roots services and its like. So we can improve our service-oriented policing better with a adoption of foreign experience of selective reference. The last chapter is the part of policy recommendations, proposes a new police service creation mode named "multiple build". This part makes requirement of creating service-oriented police clearly, then proposes the path of China’s service-oriented policing form five angle including public security organs, public, community organizations and news media.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-Oriented Policing, Service-Oriented government, concept of law enforcement, service consciousness
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