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Our Country Villages And Towns Government Performance Evaluation Research

Posted on:2016-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330473462806Subject:Public Management
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Performance evaluation is to improve the work efficiency of a management tool. With the rapid development of our social economy, more and more fierce competition situation requires our government departments must be equipped with a set of complete and reasonable performance evaluation system. For our government performance evaluation, however, is still in its infancy, the performance evaluation indicators, criteria, methods are not mature, especially the local government in our country, in the process of performance evaluation of management there are a lot of problems, the development situation in our country, an urgent need to establish and perfect the performance evaluation of local government.Local government in the township government is the most basic of our government administrative level, and most important, the most close to the public power organization. The stand or fall of township government management, directly affects the life satisfaction in most of the public in China. How to establish a practical and feasible, and accord with the characteristics of each township government performance evaluation, to improve the level of the government performance evaluation in our country, it is of great significance. A township government in Shan Xi Lv Liang city as the research object, through the study of the status quo of the town government performance evaluation, analyzes the problems existing in the township government, as well as the factors affecting the management of township government performance evaluation in the three parts, finally proposed the villages and towns government performance evaluation mechanism is given priority to with the public. Hope that through this study, can be better to add the public to the township government’s performance evaluation in our country, makes our country villages and towns government performance evaluation is more fair and open and fair.
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