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Research On Violation Of Land-use Laws In Urban-rural Land-use

Posted on:2016-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330476450456Subject:Public administration
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Land is "the source of all production and all existence", its importance is self-evident. The importance of it is well known. Land is the non-renewable resources. The land resource is limited. In our country, cultivated land per capita is less than one third world standards. At present, there are more and more land illegal acts related to land in the western region. It affects the stability of the society, causing a large number of questions such as the waste of cultivated land resources, and it also hindered the sustainable development of economic society. It’s important to improve land management system, to finish the work of cultivated land resource protection and ecological balance. It is of great significance for promoting the healthy and orderly development of the land market. In the context of "leapfrog development", Urumqi is facing an unprecedented dilemma, the land demand rising sharply, limited right to use construction land and so on. It is a major test of the local government to find a way to use of land effectively, within the scope of the law. Now, academic research for land violations of the law from the Angle of the system and the legal system has obtained certain achievements, but for the western region, especially land illegal condition of research of Xin Jiang is relatively few.This paper based on the theory of property right, Public Choice Theory and “incentive compatibility”. Delve deeper into present situation and problems of land-use and management of violation of land-use laws, analyzes their causes, provides useful reference for government decision-making,from the angle of design of innovation system, the clear supervision power and perfection of technical means.On the research methods, this article mainly takes the theoretical analysis,case analysis, literature research, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:land resources, the land illegal, management
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