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Standard Of Crime Under The Criminal Policy

Posted on:2016-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479455140Subject:Criminal Law
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The idea is to study the writing of this article from The Criminal Penal incrimination standard policy influence of view, to ascertain the relationship between criminal policies and Criminal Law. The first part focuses on the definition of the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, the history, connotation. First at home and abroad combined with theoretical research policy, choose a more representative view, analyze the nature and characteristics of the policy, a policy is defined as the next. And on this basis, using the same method, study the definition of what is a criminal policy; Then Author talked about China’s major criminal policy,and focuses on the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, its history and meaning for detailed analysis. The second part of the criminal law to incriminate standards. Firstly, the Criminal Code to incriminate standard three characteristics,namely a relational concept, by the criminal law, crime or ascertain, from those to explain what characteristics incriminate standards; secondly, from the body, acts as a result, the episode four aspects discussed incrimination standard criminal law; and third, to explore the impact of the criminal justice process and judicial officers in the judicial practice of incriminating standards. The third part, a synthesis of the first two parts, from criminal legislation and criminal justice both talked about the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency impact on criminal law incriminating standards. The fourth part discusses the different but interrelated criminal policy and criminal law by mutual relations, criminal policy and criminal law derived relationship is not the same level, but with the changing times change developing.
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