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Research Of Government Information Service-oriented Enterprises

Posted on:2015-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479478211Subject:Library and Information Science
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Enterprise is the basis for national economic development. under the influence of the global economic crisis and the European debt crisis, if enterprises can quickly and steady growth, it will directly affect the level of economic development of the local and even national. Information resources has become the basis for this process and a guarantee of success. Information contribution of business development at every stage, whether it is project feasibility studies, product development, production, or technology diffusion process, are filled with the generation, transmission and use of other activities. As a national development zones, Baoding High-tech Zone attaches great importance to the development of enterprises in the region. As a government, to provide quality information resources for enterprises, not only conducive to the rapid development of enterprises, while for the economy to improve in Baoding High-tech Zone strength, stimulating economic development are of great significance in Baoding.Based on the large number of documents collected through literature study, the author understand the basic theory of information resources, information services, government information services and other areas. Using of empirical research methods, extracting 50 enterprises of Baoding High-tech zone as the sample to analysis the questionnaires of high-tech enterprises information demand situation.While investigating the internal organization, information publishing platform, information officers and systems of Baoding High-tech zone to summarize the problems of Government Information Service and make recommendations on government information Service.Through the investigation and research of this paper, the author found that the information demand of enterprises in Baoding high-tech Zone is concentrated in competitive intelligence, talent and the market. And there is a higher requirement on timeliness, accuracy and pertinence. While at the present stage, the information provided by Baoding high-tech zone mainly concentrated in the the communique file and news dynamic, and targeted, professional and comprehensive analysis of the data is not enough. In view of the above information supply and demand imbalance phenomenon, the author thinks that the government should change the concept of government management, improve the personnel information literacy, promote the construction of the government information public platform construction, guide multi-type information service system to gradually perfect the government information service work.
Keywords/Search Tags:high-technology enterprise, information service, government, Baoding High-tech Zone
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