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Study On The Measurement Of Public Satisfaction Of Jiaozuo Asministrative Service Center

Posted on:2016-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479950420Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative service center is a product of administrative examination and approval reform, it is a new type of service to build serviceservice-oriented government. As administrative service center have established in local governments all over the country, how to improve its services and to solve the problems that exist in the actual operation process is becoming the focus of the government and scholars. The public is the service’s customer, the quality of the service that administrative service center provide evaluated by the public is the most compelling. This article evaluates the administrative service center from the perspective of public satisfaction, building its evaluation model to evaluate Jiaozuo’s administrative service center, which has significant meaning to improve the construction and perfection of Jiaozuo’s administrative service center.First,this article mainly introduced the background and significance of the selected topic, and research status home and abroad. And expounds the basic concept, features and functions of administrative service center, discussed the theoretical basis of its construction and development.Secondly,this paper analyzed the latent variables on the basis of the existing public satisfaction evaluation model, selecting measurable indicators corresponding to every latent variable, designed the public satisfaction evaluation index system of administrative service center, and determed the weight of each indicator objectively to find out the key factors that affect public satisfaction, then using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation mathematical model to build a public satisfaction assessment model of administrative service center.Finally,using the model to analyze Jiaozuo using empirical research, design a questionnaire, and use statistical software to analyze the reliability of survey data, under the premise of reliability qualified, to clear up and collet questionnaire data. Then using the evaluation model to calculate the data, finally get evaluation results, according to the influence factors restricting the public satisfaction that the results pointed out, find out the existing problems, and put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative service center, public satisfaction, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
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