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Construction Of Xinjiang Local Government Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2016-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479975546Subject:Political Theory
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In recent years, some of the characteristics of one-stop service for administrative service centers have been established throughout the country, has become an important mode of local government administrative system innovation. Administrative Service Center at improving administrative efficiency, optimize the development environment for people and businesses work and other aspects have played a positive role in promoting. However, in the administrative service center achieved some success running at the same time, construction and development center also encountered difficulties locating, managing, coordinating, monitoring and other aspects. The existence of these difficulties impede the normal operation of the administrative service center and development, and even the actual value of the existing center has also been questioned. Therefore, bail out the center facing the center to find a building can continue to improve and promote the development of outlet centers, is currently one of the local governments in the reform process needs to be completed important and urgent task.The article tries to carry out research on the Kashgar City Administrative Service Center, the empirical analysis of the current situation and operation centers run specific problems encountered, and ponder countermeasures, lessons learned, make some reference to measures for other areas, the district administration to find China ’s Border Outlet service Center for further development, so that this new administrative services have made great progress. The main content of this paper includes the following sections: First, the theoretical basis of the theoretical concepts and make the definition of administrative service center; secondly, to Xinjiang Kashgar City, for example, explicitly construct and improve the administrative service center in Ethnic Frontier Regions the significance and the correct values. Again, a combination of administrative service center overall health status quo to run our current and Kashgar City Administrative Service Center, analyzed Kashgar City Administrative Service Center in the operation of the problems, and the flexible use of the plight of the existence of institutional change theory and its operation process depth analysis of the causes. Finally, based on the Kashgar City Administrative Service Center in the build process and the underlying causes of the issues presented by the development of China’s minority areas in Xinjiang as an example of the administrative service centers suggestions and countermeasures.Judging from the topic, this article Xinjiang local government administrative service center for the study of the theme, which in the context of rapid transformation of today’s government to explore and reality has profound theoretical relevance. Judging from the content of research, through the Kashgar City Administrative Service Center for analysis and empirical case study to explore the difficulties and countermeasures running the administrative center of the region in our national existence. The study also used the research method of combining theory and practice, the theory to practice, combined with an example to analyze the existing problems raised feasible countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative service center, Service-oriented government, Difficulties and countermeasures, Kashgar
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