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Reflection And Reconstruction Of The Legal Regulation Of Commercial Bank Service Charges

Posted on:2015-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479976651Subject:Economic Law
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In order to regulate the commercial bank service price management activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the commercial bank service object, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of commercial banks, China CBRC, the national development and Reform Commission formulated the "price management approach" commercial banking services,effective August 1, 2014. According to the charging behavior of commercial banks is not standardized and weak supervision made more detailed provisions, but the Bank of unfair charges phenomenon still exists.This paper firstly defines the commercial bank as financial institutions’ deposits, loans, is a for-profit corporation. Commercial banks provide services for a fee, the legitimacy of its own, as a general service of value or as a commercial operation cost. To determine the scope of research and Discussion on the legal regulation of commercial bank service fees; the present condition of our country commercial bank service charges is more focused on the legal regulation of the industry regulation, regulation of commercial bank service fees should be within the scope permitted by law, different fees apply to different types of pricing, pricing should strictly follow the statutory procedures and be subject to supervision, information disclosure system than before more detailed, but lack for the regulation of anti monopoly law of. In view of the present situation of the front part of the analysis, pointed out the deficiency of legal regulation of commercial bank service charges, mainly in industry regulatory system is not perfect in two aspects of deficiency and the regulation of anti monopoly law, the key and the relationship between the clear industry regulation system and the regulation of anti monopoly law of the two is whether the service relates to the public and is available for expansion effective competition;through comparative analysis of the developed economies in the west commercial bank service charge system, summed up the following five aspects: one is the pricing power should be paid to the bank market, two is to establish the reasonable supervision system, three is to focus on the financial consumer rights and interests protection, the four is to strengthen the role of regulation of anti monopoly law on commercial bank service charges five, is the distribution model of industry regulation and the regulation of anti monopoly law to consider actual situation of China;therefore, the reconstruction of commercial bank service charges from the legal regulation of the following several aspects: clear division of responsibilities, regulatory body; clear line supervision of the industry and industry associations; information disclosure and the effective protection of consumers’ rights and interests. At the same time, make a special commercial bank anti monopoly law, perfect the commercial bank monopoly behavior cognizance and behavior of immunity, improve the antitrust private litigation system, the establishment of the group litigation system, clear the anti monopoly law enforcement main body. This paper focuses on the commercial banks to improve the regulation of anti monopoly law and perfect the mechanism of market competition, pricing will be given to the market. Guarantee the commercial bank service charge of legal regulation, legal responsibility.
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