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The Research On The Construction Of Service Oriented Government Of The Pian Cheng Town Of Hebei

Posted on:2016-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479978421Subject:Public Management
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Township government, as China’s local governments, faces directly the farmers, With the development of economic social and the deepening of reform and opening, the traditional management model of the township government can not adapt to the modern society and can not meet the needs of the masses. It is an inevitable choice for the restructuring of township government to build a service-oriented government. It relates to the success of building a moderately prosperous society and the long-term stability of the country.In this paper, we start from the basic theory, as the connotation and features of the service-oriented government. we inspect and study the current situation of the building service-oriented government of the town, named Pian Cheng in Hebei. We have a comprehensive analysis about the reasons of impacting its building. We give the feasible countermeasures and suggestions, which combine theory with practice for how to build the service-oriented government.The text is divided into five parts. In the first chapter, we introduce the research background, the intent and significance of the topic, research status at home and abroad, research ideas and methods and the innovation. In the second chapter, we give the relevant concepts. In the third chapter, we analyze deeply the building problems of the service township government. In the fourth chapter,we give a analysis about the building problems and the reasons of the service township government, mainly from the six respects, as the functions performance, the personnel quality, the distribution of power and responsibility, the efficiency, institutional mechanisms and the public services. In the fifth chapter, we study the countermeasures. Based on the analysis about the causes of the problem, we propose the path of building the service-oriented township government, mainly from the six respects, as defining functions, improving quality, matching accountability, improving efficiency and providing services.
Keywords/Search Tags:township government, service-oriented township government, the path selection
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