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A Research Report On How To Improve Trial Efficiency Index System Of The Shanxi Province

Posted on:2016-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the new period, in order to improve the quality of the trial, the Supreme Court has developed an evaluation system, on trial quality, according to a number of key issues affecting the quality of the trial.From the end of 2008, an assessment of the quality of work on the trial officially started in our country. It can be seen, this assessment began late in our country for trial quality, and there is a clear gap with the developed countries in terms of judicial assessment. After a review of the literature on foreign countries, I have found that the assessment of judicial mainly depends on the kind of power outside court, pay more attention to the feelings of the public, the assessment methods varied, targeted assessment.From the comparison of the court system in different regions of the country, the Shanghai Intermediate People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Court of Jiangsu Province are the best in the judicial statistics and quality assessment for trial.In comparison, the Shanghai have been more successful in terms of combined trial quality assessment and trial information management.Jiangsu High People’s Court overcome many difficulties in the process of implementing the trial quality assessment index system, and now has reached the extent of fully implement within their jurisdiction. But in the last couple of years due to the concept of leadership shake, trial quality assessment system is likely to disappear.Reference to evaluation index Supreme Court released, Shanxi Higher People’s Court developed its own index system, involving justice, efficiency, effectiveness.Currently, there are some bad tendencies in the process of implementation of judicial efficiency indicators.Some courts have extreme behavior in order to ranking in trial efficiency indicators, they even false data, the workload imposed only in order to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency index.However, the fair is the most important, for judges who need to balance efficiency. Too much emphasis on indicators at the expense of justice is obviously problematic.Therefore, the research report mainly focus on design and implementation of the judicial efficiency indicators in Shanxi Province.I used four methods in the research process, including questionnaires, document analysis, typical case analysis, and face to face interviews. After that,I identify key issues by empirical analysis of the design and implementation of indicators, through in-depth analysis of the problem to find a reasonable response.Finally, I offer some suggestions to improve trial quality index system in Shanxi, for the purpose of improving the trial efficiency in practice。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Quality evaluation system for the trial of cases, Trial efficiency index, Improving policies
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