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Problems, Reasons And Effective Ways Of The Transformation Of Township Government Functions

Posted on:2016-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our administrative units including the central, provincial, city, county, township five, the township government is the country’s most basic level of government organization. As the most grass-roots organizations, directly facing the majority of the grassroots people, and take responsibility for implementing the decisions and deployment of the central government, while the voices of the people responsible for passing to the higher levels of government. Like a bridge connecting the township government higher levels of government and the grassroots, played the role of upload issued, guiding the development of township economic and political life in benign in advance, become an integral part of China’s administrative system and the development of the system. With the gradual deepening of social reforms, the original township government management system and management methods are incompatible with the characteristics of the times, no longer meets the needs of reform and development, the nature and functions of township government faces change. The township government as the level of government, the purpose is to serve the masses, in the course of the exercise of political functions, economic functions, social functions, etc., functions appear vague position, financial difficulties encountered, institutional settings and power configuration and township government staff at work in Burnout real problem, we need to change their functions and work methods. In 2013, the Third Plenary Session of the Party’s eighteen, the meeting stressed that to further promote the reform is an important task to speed up the transformation of government functions. In this case, the township government functions is imperative.This article is based on public economic theory and new public service theory study and research on the status quo for the township government functions, mainly analyzed from the following aspects. First, the analysis of the current township transformation of government functions Realistic. If the actual work process, some of the functions of township government itself vague position, often exercise the functions of "offside", "absence", "dislocation" issues; issues facing financial pressures township government; the township government in institutional settings, power Configuration problem of irrational and current township government staff burnout at work, lack of motivation, problems. Second, the analysis of the cause of transformation of government functions the troubled town. As the ratio of township government in the "property rights", "powers", "competence" of the three powers of the imbalance; township government finances by the abolition of agricultural tax and other factors encountered difficulties; township government cadres evaluation system and circulation system is not perfect, staff quality is not high. Third, the proposed four aspects of an effective way to transform the functions of township governments can learn:correct positioning of the township government functions; improve the township government finance system, increase transfer payments; streamline township government organization, streamline working relations; the establishment of a reasonable towns Government Cadre and circulation system, improve the quality of township government staff.
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