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On The Risk Prevention And Dispute Settlement Of China-kazakhstan Energy Investment

Posted on:2017-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Energy is the driving force of the development of modern economy. A stable energy supply is indispensable for countries to ensure their sustainable economic development. Since the reform and opening up, China’s economy has achieved leapfrog development, attracting the world’s attention to the economic miracle. Behind the economic miracle is the huge consumption of energy. China’s own energy supply system is not able to meet the needs of its own economic development. As early as 1993, China became a net importer of oil. To ensure the country’s energy security, China actively carry out international energy cooperation. In this context, Chinese enterprises also try to go out of the country to invest in the international energy sources.Kazakhstan, as an important country in China’s foreign energy investment, cooperates with China in many fields such as the oil and gas resources, geopolitics, technical strength and diversification strategy. At present, China’s energy investment in Kazakhstan show good momentum of development, but we have to face in the investment in Kazakhstan will encounter such as investment high barriers to entry, the legal system is not perfect, dispute settlement single issues.These problems to a certain extent caused the objective risk of China’s energy investment in Kazakhstan. China must actively guard against these risks from various angles. To do in advance to prevent, to properly avoid investment risks, we need to build up perfect bilateral agreements on energy and trade, establish circumspect overseas insurance system, play the active role of the SCO, speed up the construction of information support system and establish the risk assessment management system.In addition, after energy investment disputes between China and Kazakhstan, the two sides can comprehensively use a variety of dispute settlement path to resolve energy investment disputes. we need to pay attention is that there are still many shortages in the existing dispute settlement path between China and Kazakhstan. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the path of dispute settlement in order to better solve the energy investment disputes between China and Kazakhstan.
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