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Research On The Civil Aviation Safety Management--based On The Perspective Of Sociology Of Law

Posted on:2016-10-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482970556Subject:Legal theory
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As China’s economy has been taking off for 30 years, so did the income of its people’s, the development of our country civil aviation also came into rapid development trend.It’s no doubt that the aviation industry is extremly important for the national political stability and economic development.As we know, safety is the key of the civil aviation, without safety, the people’s confidence to the civil aviation transport will seriously affect the boomimg civil aviation which have so much to do with the development of economy and stability of political system.From domestic and international terrorism threat of ethnic separatism and religious extremism made worldwide air defense security stay in a nervous condition, and the passengers who are rules consciousness and legal literacy backward air illegal interference events also affects the safety of air defence and even have intensified trend.Air defense security management system is the main body of responsibility for air defense security according to the top-level design combined with the historical development gradually formed the overall state,when we respond to threats,it may not be able to do well as we expect. And the air defense security laws and regulations are also difficult to provide a good legal foundation for the general air defense security law enforcement officers.Such threats air defence safety factor the authors are introduced and analyzed one by one and find way to solve.The author attempt to analyze the factors of air defense security from a law graduate student’s point of view, combined with years of experience of being an air marshal, find out the social foundation of the problem and chase to explore some solution for the problem,and to reinforce the civil aviation defence system of safety.
Keywords/Search Tags:aviation safety, law enforcement, security management
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