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Analysis On The Capacity Of Resettlement And Relocation In The Reservoir Area Of Water Conservancy And Hydropower Projects Design Research

Posted on:2016-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482977515Subject:Environmental engineering
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Nowadays, water resource is one of the restricting factors which restrict the social and economic development and ecological environment construction of inland cities. So the construction of water conservancy project is important. The water conservancy and hydropower projects are built around the basin.Due to flood damage, the large amount of the number of immigrants, limited land capacity and non voluntary immigration problems is becoming, the paper analyzes the feasibility and rationality of the project from the perspective of environmental capacity analysis, based on the analysis of the meaning of the environmental capacity of reservoir immigrants, this paper expounds the relationship between the composition and the factors of the immigration system.By constructing the index system of the environmental capacity of the reservoir resettlement, the analysis of the environmental capacity of the immigrants is made by the "four system". Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, the system analysis of the environmental capacity of immigrants is carried out. Based on the investigation of the land population, urban and rural planning, construction and resettlement areas, through the Hanjiang to Weihe River project analysis, to establish the index system which is in line with the actual situation of reservoir, analysis and estimation of the environmental capacity of the immigrants in the Three River Estuary, and comprehensive analysis of the environmental capacity of the immigrants.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Hanjiang to Weihe River project, Reservoir resettlement, Environmental capacity
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