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Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Police Resource Allocation Project Research

Posted on:2017-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482989661Subject:Project management
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In recent years, the number of the people’s police in our country increases year by year, but always can’t keep up with the pace of the social development. There are still big gap in the police resources, the gap can not simply rely on the police number make up, but to optimize the allocation of police resources, make the police work more efficient. The ideal economic operation is in the economic sphere with the minimum costs to get the most benefit. By the same token, the economics of police resources configuration must also follow the general rule of the allocation of resources, make the police to get the optimal configuration and different launching, cooperate with each other, so as to better shoulder the duty of the police, to social stability and national economic development.Police usually refers to the police ability to perform the job and work in present comprehensive strength and comprehensive control of public security. It is the police to maintain national security and social stability, the sum of the comprehensive ability. And we usually mentioned "inadequate", generally refers to the number of police, less comprehensive combat ability is insufficient, can’t meet the needs of police tasks. Premier zhou enlai once put forward that "national security, public security department in half. With the rapid development of our country’s economy, the contradiction in all kinds of social public security situation not worry but it is not very stable, it will need to have enough forces to maintain social order. The restriction of the system and other objective factors, the public security organ may not increase police presence in the short term a lot, across the country, the inadequate public security organs, the management has become a common phenomenon. Therefore, scientific and reasonable to optimize allocation of police resources, give full play to their role as the police force, is the important measure to solve the problem of the lack of police resources.By reference to the relevant theoretical research at home and abroad, this paper, and combining with related actual case analysis of the circumstances of the police force of public security organs in shenyang, find out the problems existing in the police configuration, such as the shortage of police resources management police and unreasonable organization structure, operation mode, operation efficiency of a series of serious problems. Reasonable allocation of police resources is influence on various aspects by public security organs can proceed smoothly, the important factors that affect people’s life at the same time stable, even will affect the economic development and social stability. So the police resources allocation system reform is imperative. In this paper, by using modern management idea to find related problems of the shenyang municipal public security bureau police configuration, and the optimized allocation of police resources in a reasonable manner, finally puts forward the guiding countermeasures and solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Police resource, Optimize configuration, Management innovation
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