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Legal Regulation Of The Disclosure Of Accounting Information Of Listing Corporation

Posted on:2017-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q W ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482990819Subject:Law - civil and commercial law
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With the development of the stock market, buying stocks has become the choice of more and more people. At the same time, because of the high degree of liquidity in the stock market, more and more companies want to raise funds for public listing, seeking for greater development of enterprises. Due to the information asymmetry, companies mastered more initiative in obtaining information. They often disclose information selectively, promoting the positive information, avoiding the negative news, they even hide some important issues. This is likely to result in a wrong thing that the information recipient made an investment decision,for receiving a wrong information. And because of the high risk of securities investment, investors have to bear more venture. If you do not regulate the disclosure of information, investors will be caught in danger because of accepting the wrong message. Every year we have heard that many listed companies conduct Financial Fraud, we urgently need a set of complete information disclosure system to carry on the regulation. The information disclosed by the listing Corporation is a large part of the financial accounting information. Accounting information can provide investors with information on the amount of profit, cash flow, and the type of assets owned by the investors. Analysis of these data, investors can understand the company’s current operating conditions, the future development potential. They know the massage and then decide whether to invest in their investment or not, and the number of investment. Therefore, this paper chooses the accounting information, discussing the information disclosure system of our country, and puts forward the opinions of the information disclosure system. Through the empirical study, This article analyzed China’s illegal disclosure behavior, the specific causes and the representation of illegal disclosure, and discusses the reasons of illegal disclosure from three parts that the efficiency of supervision, legal liability. Then we compared the Accounting information disclosure system between China and the United States, introduced the information disclosure system briefly, attempting to introduce the experience of the United States disclosure system to China. Through the above discussion, the article finally draws the conclusion of how to regulate institution.1.We have to improve the system of laws and regulations. We must put forward a clear standards on the disclosure of accounting information,at the same time we have to integrate the local laws and regulations. 2.We should establish a three-dimensional supervision mode to supervise the information disclosure, the Commission to improve the efficiency of supervision, strengthen the self-discipline of Intermediaries Supervision, strengthen the supervision of credit, expand social supervision.3.We should reduce the administrative liability of abusing of criminal responsibility, expand the amount to prevent major cases in the civil liability, introduce the group litigation, strengthen civil compensation, strengthen the civil liability of CPA.
Keywords/Search Tags:Listed Companies, a Disclosure of Accounting Information, Violation, Legal Regulation
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