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Research On The Problems And Countermeasures In The Operation Of Lueyang County Administrative Service Center

Posted on:2017-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485478892Subject:Public Service Management
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The administrative service center is a result of administrative restructuring and e-government affairs. It’s based on the theory of new public management, the theory of new public service, the theory of service-oriented government. It is found in many references that, there are various kinds of studies, both domestic and international, on new governmental service organizations like the administrative service center, most domestic researchs are about the developmental background, current situation, and meaning of the administrative service center, and countermeasures are given to the problems in the development. However, the administrative service center of our country is still at exploration stage, and many researches are rather superficial and have not been put into practice, therefore, the descriptions of the problems are not detailed enough.Since 1990 s, a large number of provinces, cities and counties have set up administrative service centers. Lueyang county in Shaanxi province also followed the trend, and have strived to develop an administrative service center. With service-oriented government to accelerate the construction, Lueyang county administrative service center as one-stop service platform to face the grassroots, its development is very important. However, the standard of the administrative service centers in our country is still rather low, and many problems are inevitable during the progress. On this point, Lueyang county makes no exception. This article starts with finding out the problems, then analyzes the problems, and ends with solutions and countermeasures for the problems. Literature research method and field method are used in the inspection of the Lueyang county administrative service center in Shaanxi province. Many problems are identified and the reasons of the problems are analyzed, and moreover, solutions and suggestions are provided.This article holds the opinion that Lueyang county government has gathered all the departments with administrative examination and approval functions in the administrative service center so that it provides people with general and convenient services. It led to the interests of the masses, centralized office, the process is simple and efficient, transparent and open government as the main features, it also functions as a one-stop service center including organization and management, communication and coordinate, supervision and complaint. After the establishment of Lueyang county administrative service center, the role of the government was remodeled, the economic competitiveness of the area was enhanced, the reform of administrative system and administrative approval was innovated, and township level administrative service centers were encouraged. Through investigating the development of Lueyang county administrative service center, including its organizations and departments, business processes, operational and informational construction, several problems were found out, for example, legal position is not clear, the window is not fully authorized, personnel management difficulties, e-government is not mature, incomplete departments and so on. All of these problems were obstacles in the development of the Lueyang county administrative service center. With a target to help the Lueyang county administrative service center solve these problems, this article analyzes the reasons of the problems, and made several attempts to resolve countermeasures, for example, accelerating the construction of standardization, optimizing the administrative approval system, giving play to the subjective initiative, paying more attention to the development of e-government affairs, and reinforcing supervision. It aims to provide some reference and guidance for the development of Lueyang county administrative service center, and add some fruits of development of administrative service center.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lueyang county, administrative service center, reform of the administrative system, service-oriented government
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