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Research On Staff Motivation Of Public Institution Which Has In-staff And Off-staff

Posted on:2014-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S X SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485496213Subject:Public administration
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With the economical development and movement of human resources, the competition amongst enterprises has been gradually changing into that of more talented people. Human resource management is more and more important for the development of the enterprises, encouragement is the core concept of human resource management, and plays an extremely important role in urging talented people to stay, so is public institutions so. Nowadays there are about 1.3 million public institutions and 30,000,000 in-staffs and off-staffs, which is almost 5 times of the number of civil servants. Reviewing the existing research, most scholars mainly dedicated the mechanism research and inspiration to in-staff with few inspiration to off-staff, and rare inspiration to in-staff and off-staff at the same time. Because of the post limit, more and more off-staff in public institutions, more and more off-staff do key technology work instead of do temporary or alternative work, so the staff inspiration is very important for the public institutions.After reviewing different worldwide incentive theories, in the case of research center A having both in-staff and off-staff personnel, the passage aims at finding out the current problems of incentives for the staff at research center A through all related reference material and individual interviews. For example, emphasizing material incentive while neglecting mental inspiration; emphasizing negative incentive while neglecting positive inspiration; the incentive mechanism to be incomplete, and the stimulating effect is not significant.The questionnaire of staff at research center A determined that in-staff and off-staff concerned different issues, different ages concerned different issues, female and male concerned different issues. The writer combined the concerns of the staff in the actual conditions and gave recommendations about how to stimulate staff at research center A. These included, building scientific and reasonable compensation incentive mechanisms and emphasizing mental stimulation, and establishing the appropriate incentive system whilst enhancing the role of material incentives, as well as combining material incentives with mental stimulation, and positive incentives with negative incentives. This will provide a workable policy reference on personnel incentives for similar state-run institutions from the comprehensive incentive of in-staff and off-staff of Research Center A.
Keywords/Search Tags:public institutions, in-staff, off-staff, staff motivation
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