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The Problems Study Of Speeding Up The Government’s Economic Functions

Posted on:2017-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485951759Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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China is now in a critical period of transformation of the economic system and deepen administrative reform,with the arrival of the new economic normality,market regulation as a decisive role in the allocation of resources will become increasingly apparent. Therefore, the government’s economic transformation of the core functions is still properly deal with the relationship between government and the market. Discussion on the government’s economic transformation function is an important issue can not be avoided, it is related to the further reform of government transformation direction and administrative system. At the present stage,Government Economic Functions of our country is not perfect. Therefore, to speed up change of the government’s economic functions and to adapt to the current needs of the socialist market economy under the new normal is particularly necessary.Since 1949, with the continuous development of society, constant change of economy and economic functions of government also continued to make adjustments. Firstly, the transition from a highly centralized “versatile” government to “limited” government under the planned economy system,then the transition to a socialist market economy “service-oriented” government. In this process we use Marxist theory to guide practice, considering China’s actual conditions and learning from the other socialist countries and some socialist national development experiences and lessons, we can say the change of government’s economic functions of each stage have made some results. But the human is developing, the social progress and the demand of economy is also improving. Therefore the government’s economic function transformation and improvement can never stop. Of course, summing up the past achievements,we also found that the China’s government need to continue to adjust the economic functions of the socialist market economy.Although acquiring some achievements, our government’s economic functions still exist vacancy,offside, dislocation and imperfect ways because of selfish motives driven by unreasonable performance evaluation misleading way, the lack of influence of traditional theory with the traditional planning system of law and sound strict oversight mechanisms. So, under the new normal economy, accelerating the transformation of economic functions of our government is particularly necessary, which is not only in line with the objective requirements of the development of China’s market economy and meets the special circumstances of the socialist countries, but also meets the value orientation of socialism with Chinese characteristics and fits the market development goals basic requirements.. Thus, the China’s government should further strengthen the government’s macro-control functions and weaken the functions ofmicro-interventions so as to build a scientific evaluation system of government, build a“service-oriented” government, further promote decentralization and implementation of open government, improve the legal system and strengthen government supervision.
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