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The Administer Affairs Thoughts Of Tao Shu And The Study Of Its Contemporary Value

Posted on:2017-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485961466Subject:Political Theory
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Tao Shu was a famous commanders of border-provinces in Jiaqing, Daoguang period in Qing dynasty. He not only had a rich of administer affairs thoughts, but also use the thoughts into practice, and he made great achievements on it, and among the people with administer affairs thoughts at that time, Tao Shu was in highest status with highest prestige, who was landmark figure of the ancient Chinese administer affairs thoughts School Development. Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts were very distinct with unique insights, not only had had a tremendous impact at the time, later on also had a profound impact. This paper, combination the history background of Jiaqing period with the practice of Tao Shu, makes a comparatively comprehensive, systematic carding and evaluation on Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts, and also discusses the contemporary value of his administer affairs thoughts, wants to give the contemporary Chinese local governance a reference.This article is divided into four parts:The first part mainly analyzes the formation of Tao Shu administer affairs thoughts. This part is from the special historical background and origins of Tao Shu academic aspects, make a deep analysis on the causes of Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts.The second part mainly combed and summarized the contents and features of Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts. The main contents are "administer affairs thoughts into practice" academic thoughts, improving political and ideological officialdom, economic reform ideas and Famine Relief Thought and the like. Its administer affairs thoughts had characteristics that pushed for real learning, emphasize academic administer affairs thoughts into practice and pay attention to social reality problem; Advocating for reform to strive for innovation; Pay attention to surveys, and claim to adjust measures to local conditions.The third part mainly analyzes the historical influences and limitations of Tao Shu’s thoughts. Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts not only had driven the development and growth of Jia Dao administer affairs thoughts, but also had more profound impact on modern administer affairs thoughts. Tao Shu put the administer affairs thoughts into practice, and his administer affairs reform pioneered the practice of modern Chinese economic reform. In addition, subjected to the understanding, environmental, institutional, economic and other factors, there were significant limitations on Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts and practice, such as limited by the concept of traditional Chinese culture, the lack of systematic theory of statecraft, and the reform was not complete discontinuous, and within the framework of the reform of the feudal system.The fourth part mainly discusses the lessons for contemporary China of Tao Shu’s administer affairs thoughts. This part mainly learns from history, contacts reality, and explores the important contemporary value of Tao Shu’s thoughts and practices to the local governance in contemporary China. Tao Shu’s many political views still have major implications on promoting the construction of local government in contemporary China.
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