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The Research On The Govertnment Electronic Innovation

Posted on:2017-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330485961569Subject:Public administration
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Along with China’s "three gold project," the smooth implementation of the expansion has built more service value and convenience of e-government system, to change the traditional way of government services and enhance government capabilities, it has become the focus of the project at this stage Service Government Information Construction."Thirteen Five" plan strengthens the national e-government to improve public services and enhances the integration of management capabilities requested comments, marking the future of e-government is still in a certain period of continuous improvement and development stage.As one of the economically underdeveloped central and western regions, public service capacity is relatively weak provinces, N provincial government always will be "convenience-oriented government" as the main objective of the work, and thus carried out a series of government reforms, and N Provincial Development and Reform Commission as one of the typical, especially made outstanding achievements in the development of e-government. Within the network, Extranet and three large Internet-based business applications, has become one of the NProvincial Development e-government an important part, but also the realization of the government network core. "Information sharing", "Network Security" and "for government facilitation process" is the criterion N Provincial Development e-government system development under the new situation. Especially the "Internet+" appears and development mode, the organic integration of government dealing with the Internet, both in the promotion of information sharing or to enhance the efficiency of government process, N Provincial Development and application of e-government systems have played an irreplaceable role.However, we must clearly see the look of e-government construction N Provincial Development and Reform Commission process remain: inadequate infrastructure, equipment aging more serious; not enough emphasis on leadership, low quality levels; institutional mechanism is not perfect, information resource integration and a series of difficult issues. This paper describes the study of e-government e-government at home and abroad and the hot issues related to the development of the theory of systems of meaning, features and functions; secondly, the status quo and Reform Commission explained in e-government development N provinces and major problems on the basis, combined with Beijing the development of e-government in Jiangsu Province Enlightenment mode, creatively put forward a number of measures on optimization of e-government construction N Province, to promote long-term stable development of e-government construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Administration, E-Government, Development and Reform Commission, Management Innovation
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