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Parallel Factors Approval And Improvement Strategy

Posted on:2017-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485967199Subject:Public management theory and practice
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The reform of administrative examination and approval system is of great significance to promote the construction of service-oriented government, the transformation of government functions, decentralization. One of the important goals of the reform of the administrative examination and approval system is to promote the reform and development with the acceleration of the administrative examination and approval. Compared with the traditional serial examination and approval, parallel approval of high efficiency, convenience, improve the efficiency and capacity of the government’s public service has significant advantages, and become a new field of administrative examination and approval in recent years to explore new areas. Fu’an city in 2013 to start parallel approval to explore and make progress, but there is a lack of lead department functions, the implementation of the guidance system is weak, the implementation of alienation and mutual pre standard conflict and other difficulties and deficiencies.This study to decentralization, building a service-oriented government’s request for a new, to the reform of administrative examination and approval system as the background, analysis of parallel examination and approval of the background, the comparative advantage, and five key aspects of focuses on parallel examination and approval system top design, department interests of the game, the mode of operation of the examination and approval, technical force amount to support and supervision and evaluation mechanism has been analyzed. On this basis, in Fuan City, Fujian Province as an example analysis of parallel processing of the generated background, main practice, achievements and problems, and combined with the theory of new public management, entrepreneurial government, the overall government carries on the instance analysis of influencing factors and approval, and then put forward the strategies for the improvement of the.Research shows that the top-level system design related to parallel examination and approval of the direction of the target, the degree of difficulty, scientific, comprehensive and reasonable, predictability and strong operability of top-level system design, not only can consolidate the correct orientation of parallel processing, also can standardize the implementation and eliminate resistance to implementation, Fu An, parallel examination and approval, facing the dilemma is due to the lack of top-level system design. The top-level design of the system of the central government level, the optimization of local practice environment plays the role of four two pounds, while the local government and the local officials of the push and the third party non dominant stakeholders, the objectivity of the top-level system design to enhance the parallel approval of the local ecological is more important; parallel examination and approval departments involved, within the Department and the departments of the various interests of the game in high level system, both the Department and the examination and approval of unreasonable vested interest and strengthening, but also on the parallel approval of uncertain risks facing this reform caused the exclusion and conflict, the need to adjust the pattern of interests to form the institutional reform leader, and protect the participants in the back, is closely related to the top-level design of the system and the two central and local coherence; approval of operation needs reasonable design, in particular Is the lead department and its functions and powers clear, administrative service center as the lead department is completely feasible and necessary, existing organizational advantage and advantage of administrative efficiency, but must rely on standardization construction especially the "three concentration, three in place" in place; efficiency of technical force effect of parallel examination and approval, for the implementation of the supervision and provide convenience. The parallel processing system using range is relatively small, mainly due to line parallel examination and approval have not straightened out, the top-level system design science depends on to strict supervision and assessment strength in promoting system landing, and laws and regulations does not grant sector specific special supervision and examination of parallel processing, which requires more local governments to regulate the file form to be clear, but also to the assessment of the functional departments of examination and approval results make full use of play its due effect. Research proposals, promote the in-depth implementation of the parallel processing, to the government as a whole thinking of promoting central and local top-level system design to co-ordinate the whole process of parallel approval, by streamlining the decentralization of administrative examination and approval service matters, to solve the inter departmental conflicts of administrative licensing standards, improve the administrative service center position and role, strengthen the development and application of the network parallel examination and approval system, strengthening cooperation between departments and precise accountability, and attaching importance to the examination and approval of the personnel of the special education and training from the human factors.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform of administrative examination and approval system, Joint examination and approval, influence factor, Fu’an city
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