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A Study Of The Influence Factors Of The Foundations’ Information Disclosure Quality On The Self-Management Perspective

Posted on:2017-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485969124Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, a growing number of foundations developed vigorously, which played a vital role in our country’s social relief and public service field. At the same time, problems are constantly emerging accompanied by the development of the foundations, and the low quality of information disclosure seriously influenced the organizational resources access and charity credibility. At present, domestic researches of information disclosure are mostly concentrated in theoretical analysis and coping strategies. Most researches on the influence factors of foundations information disclosure are from the perspective of government management and social supervision, empirical research on the factors of foundations information disclosure on the self-management perspective is still rare. In essence, the quality of foundations information disclosure depends on the organization ability of self-management and the construction of self-discipline mechanism. Therefore, this paper discusses the influence factors of the foundations information disclosure and its promotion strategies on the self-management perspective, which has important theoretical significance and practical value.Based on the researches of the foundations information disclosure at home and aboard, this paper constructed a model to explore the factors which affect the foundations information disclosure, mainly from the internal governance structure, project management level, financial management status, and the organizational characteristics. In order to verify this model, this paper collected data of the FTI transparency index in the center issued on the basis of the classification, and with the use of random sampling method, it selected 182 foundations as samples. By the correlation analysis and regression analysis of the empirical testing, the hypotheses have been verified, it is concluded that the board scale, the proportion of outside directors, the project expenditure, the project funds utilization, the donor dependence, the public spending ratio, the scale and the age of the organization have positive effects on the quality of information disclosure. Whereas the meeting efficiency, the board leadership separation, the project number, the profitability have little effect on foundations information disclosure. Combining the results of the theoretical analysis and empirical research, this paper finally considered that the quality of foundations information disclosure should be improved by establishing a reasonable internal governance structure, evaluationg the project operation, improving the financial management, and strengthening self-discipline supervision of the foundations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foundations, Self-governance, Information disclosure quality, Influence factors
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