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China’s Leadership Cadre Selection And Appointment System Innovation Research In The New Period

Posted on:2017-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As long as the government, but the only. With its only, will be difficult to treat. Official selection, The Times is a attached great importance to the problem. Comrade MAO zedong pointed out that the political road was determined, the cadre is the deciding factor. Deng xiaoping also pointed out: ", the political line is determined by the people to the specific implementation, execution by what kind of person, is in favor of the party’s political line, or by people who don’t agree with, or by the middle attitude to perform, the result is not the same." In the process of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, put the good cadre selection "entrance", building up the scientific concept of development of high-caliber leading cadres have been promoted to the party and government leadership positions.The article is divided into four chapters altogether. The first part is the introduction part, in view of this article selected topic background, research purpose and meaning, research methods and content, the research both at home and abroad, and the article theory innovation points discussed respectively. The second chapter of the status quo of China’s leadership cadre selection and appointment system in the new period is analyzed, since the third plenary session of the eleventh is analyzed, the change of leadership cadre selection and appointment system, as well as the major leaders of "entrance" in the leading cadre selection requirements, points out the achievements in the leading cadre selection and at the same time there is a problem, and analyzes the cause of the problem. The third chapter analyzes the historical evolution of the ancient official selection system, summarizes the past dynasties emperor demand for selecting talents "entrance", and analyses the leadership cadre selection and appointment system in the new period in China. The fourth chapter, aiming at the problems before, we should put forward to innovation in the new period with the system, strengthen the cadre responsibility consciousness, promote the party’s style construction, the good cadre selection "entrance", we should improve with the quality.
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