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Research On Model Innovation Of Government Purchasing Social Services

Posted on:2017-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485982097Subject:Administrative Management
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In terms of social governance, our country planned economy management system for a long time, the traditional management theory seriously affected the effectiveness of the government management. With the sustained and rapid development of economy in our country, public demand for social services has become increasingly diversified. Facing such a complex social environment, we must innovation the mode of the social governance. The government purchases the service of social organizations is not only a common practice for social governance reform in many countries, but also a real need for contemporary China. The supply of social services has become a major practical problem which concerning people’s livelihood, so the government how to supply social services effectively has become the focus of the theory and the practice field. At present, all kinds of social organizations develop rapidly in our country, and gradually have involved in the supply of public services. Because of the government-led single purchase mode, the current mode of government purchasing has initiated many realistic problems. Therefore, in order to meet the demand of the diversity of public service and also to achieve the ultimate goal of social governance, we should bring in multiple participation and innovative the new form of purchasing service.The article first describes the theoretical support of the mode innovation on government purchasing:transaction cost theory, public governance theory and the new public service theory, which points out that the mode innovation government need to cost, participation and service-oriented, make sure that the plural participation and cooperation come true. In recent years, many areas has carried on the beneficial exploration around the government purchasing service, which are typical cases include pension services purchase in BJ city, social relief services purchase in SZ city, community services purchase in FS city, etc. The above cases not only made a unique purchasing experience, but also reflect the problem of the current mode of the government purchasing in social services. Mode of operation depends on the mechanism of implement smoothly. Therefore, if we want to find the problems which existing in the current mode, we need to search the issues which existing in the bidding mechanism, the review mechanism, assessment and the acceptance of the mechanism and the supervision mechanism. Based on the empirical analysis of the above cases, explore the mechanism of practical difficulties. Looking for the new mode of government purchasing social services which meet the principle of cost-oriented, participation and service-oriented:namely, we should build the cultivation pattern, co-construction pattern and the cooperation pattern in the government purchasing mode with the standards of multiple participation, peer relationships and social public welfare.The mechanism need in a certain appropriate mode to achieve. Therefore, the issues of the running mechanism require us to change be the government-led single purchase mode, innovative the new government purchasing mode which meet the principle of cost, participation and service-oriented model. In the process of the government purchasing of the social services, we should not only to cooperate withthe social organizations, service object and other interest subjects; but also to cultivate the social organizations and community residents, gradually improve their ability to participate in social management and motivation in order to realize the goal of social governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:government purchase, social service, mode innovation, cultivation, cooperation, co-construction
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