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E-government Socialization Of Fire Control Propaganda Strategy Research Under The New Media Era

Posted on:2017-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years our country fire and rise in the number of accidents occur frequently in fire form, fire safety situation became very serious. Although our country’s fire department fire safety propaganda and the social from all walks of life are popularizing, but the frequency of fires and the damage degree is still high. According to China’s ministry of public security fire department statistics show that in the past 2015 years, our country criminal fire 338000, 1112 people were injured, 1112 people were killed and property loss 3.95 billion yuan. Need to mention is that in 2015 in the "8.12" of especially big fire explosion of tianjin binhai new area, such as "8.31" shandong dongying chemical plant explosion in fire form continuous several performance has a great influence on accident, which caused significant casualties and property losses. Combined with fire cause of our country starts relatively late, social existence value production, look down on fire, fire control work is I have nothing to do with the fire department, such as backward ideas. Fire took me to my hurt everyone knows, in addition to the personal and property losses, it is impossible to calculate more spirit and life forever lost. So, we urgently need to universal social fire control propaganda, to establish the fire safety consciousness, to nip in the bud.From 2011 the development of China’s "government affairs micro bo", accompanied by government departments to We Chat, after open the client, we can see the informationization development path. As a kind of implementation of logical administration and the new starting point, improve the efficiency and ability of government public management, promoting the construction of the service-type government, government affairs of new media by the government is widely used and highly valued.In 2013, the fire department announced that "fire" in henan, henan official WeChat service platform is launched, become one of the national fire protection system government affairs WeChat public number. The WeChat to microblogging service, We Chat, micro view, to combine these three kinds of new media and more established the first fire WeChat mobile business hall, the first, the province’s weibo cluster platform creatively opened fire location, hidden trouble with pat, business hall, and other functions, and fire control class, fire case, "said wu staff fire" and so on typical columns. Henan fire corps government new media gradually become external information release platform and the fire service platform, actively spread to the public about fire control laws and regulations, fire control safety knowledge, live fire emergencies, for universal social fire control propaganda and mentioned the unprecedented big platform.The research content of this article focuses on the following aspects: first, an overview of the developments in China over the fire, followed by an overview of new media, e-government WeChat definition, the necessity of the development and the deepening of the third, "henan fire official WeChat", for example do specific analysis, and put forward on how to make use of e-government WeChat platform universal social fire control propaganda strategy. This article mainly to heavy to tianjin port "8.12" fire explosion as the research origin. Painful lessons we should pay attention to fire control work. Fire control work, the propaganda. The interdisciplinary analysis, content analysis, case study, the method of combining the hottest government affairs at the WeChat this new service platform, with "fire" henan as an example, analysis of the fire fighting administrative WeChat ID to boost social the possibility of fire control propaganda, and summarizes the present "henan fire" WeChat platform development, put forward new development strategy under the new media era.
Keywords/Search Tags:new media, e-government WeChat, Henan fire, fire control propaganda
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