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Research On The Copyright Protection Of Overseas Film And Television Works Under The Network Environment

Posted on:2017-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Culturalconstruction should be a priority of national soft power construction,wi th the development of economic globalization, domestic and foreign copyright trade is very prosperity.At the same time, the network technology development and the change of information age provides convenience for the spread of foreign film and television works.Now our country is putting the "Internet+" plan into force positiv ely,and think that the Internet is a engine power to promote scientific and technolo gical progress,innovation and cultural prosperity.In this innovation driven by the Int ernet network, film and television works copyright protection have suffered unprece dented new problems and new challenges.In January 2014, the state general adminis tration of press and publication, radio and television issued "on further perfecting th e network play, micro movie Internet audio-visual program management supplement ary notice",In September 2014,the State Administration of Radio Film and Televisio n of China issued a notice that "to further implement the relevant provisions of the overseas film and television play online management",online transmission right of overseas film and television works should get through administrative examination an d approval, and the need to regist information on uniform registration information p latform for online.Because of this examination and approval system, online oversea s film and television works, the transmission right of online overseas film and telev ision works is restricted, various forms of copyright infringement has occurred.In thi s paper, bthe author ased on the present situation of foreign film and television wo rks copyright infringement online, combined with specific case analysis of the curre nt type of infringement and the main problems in the network environment, and th en puts forward the online overseas film and television works to protect concrete c ountermeasures.This thesis is divided into, the author gets a research on the protect ion of copyright of overseas film and television works under the networkenvironme nt.The first part expounds the concept, classification of overseas film and television works,defines the concept and category of the network environment, then expounds the copyright and ownership issues under network environment.The second part ba sed on the specific case,expounds the current infringement type of overseas film an d television works online, mainly analyzes the infringement form of video website, polymerization of APP and the We media.The third part mainly discusses the prese nt copyright protection situation of online overseas film and television works, analy zes the administrative approval system and its defects, and without the approval of overseas film and television works for copyright protection to make the discussion. The fourth part according to the specific problems of infringement online overseas f ilm and television works, put forward feasible suggestions mainly from the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, the perfection of tort law re gulation, damages and construction of temporary protection measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:network environment, overseas film and television works, administrative examination and approval, copyright, protection
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