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The Restoration Strategy Research Of Government Trust Under The Perspective Of Public Crisis Management

Posted on:2017-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488463069Subject:Administrative Management
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While China is in the critical period of social transformation, the adjustment pace of superstructure and the economic base is not consistent, system design and the transformation of government functions is lagging behind, causing all kinds of problems emerging, and social conflicts are increasing.Coupled with the government administrative costs remain high, frequent acts of anomie, corruption frequently exposed, the resources of government legitimacy have been lost, the public showed trust in the government is falling, and even a certain degree of rupture. This phenomenon is more prominent in the situation of public crisis. Because of public crisis has the characteristic of sudden, emergency and great harmfulness, people’s live and health both suffered tremendously threat. Furthermore, the imperfect public emergency legal system, the deficient financial mechanism, the unideal and lagging crisis decision-making effect, the lack of trust of government, plus with the enhancement of the citizen’s legal and democratic consciousness, the high enthusiasm of joining in politics and the rights with the rise of living standard, has lead to more serious situation of public crisis of government trust, so, what strategies to imploy in the process of public crisis management is especially important to fix the government trust problem.Based on this background, the paper explores the uniqueness of government trust in the situation of public crisis, and illustrates the two-way interaction between the public crisis and the government trust, analyzes the multiple difficulties the Chinese government facing under the special background of public crisis, reflects on the primary cause of the damage of government trust and makes trust repair strategy at various stages of public crisis management.
Keywords/Search Tags:public crisis, government trust, damage and restore
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