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The Research Of Civil Aviation Illegal Interference Behavior And Its Mechanism Of Prevention And Control

Posted on:2017-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488464182Subject:Public management
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Civil aviation illegal interference, from a macro point of view, is a kind of human social development in the process of "sick" (abnormal state) social phenomenon; From the microcosmic point of view, is one of the specific individual or organization anti-social behaviour. Lead to appear this kind of phenomenon of human society, people have such behavior motivation, is the cause of civil aviation illegal interference. It’s difficult to understand the reason of illegal interference because of the its complexity. Understanding of civil aviation illegal interference reason is the inevitable result of the analysis of its phenomenon, and research on civil its phenomenon and the direct purpose of preventing illegal interference as well. After research, to understand the public perception of civil aviation defense security, adopt corresponding propaganda and security measures, change public passive to active participation of the whole society to observe the aviation security regulations, comprehensive prevention and crackdown on civil aviation illegal interference behavior.The research of Civil aviation illegal interference and the mechanism of prevention and control is of great significance for the behavior of illegal interference prevention and control of civil aviation to ensure aviation security, maintaining social order and promote the healthy development of the society.Research the civil aviation regular of illegal interference can know the reason of civil aviation illegal interference so that build the foundation work of the mechanism of prevention and control. Civil aviation illegal interference is a complex social contradictions within the outer objective material combination and movement form, it is different from other areas of illegal crime, has its own characteristics. Civil aviation illegal interference is an important aspect of illegally interfere with the regular of civil aviation. We will know various social influence restricting civil aviation illegal interference phenomena associated with the process in order to master its inherent law, so that prevent and control illegal interference of civil aviation.Research on civil aviation of illegal interference is a prerequisite for control and its social harm prevention. All results are inseparable from its reasons. Understand cause and effect relationships in order to develop effective prevention and control measures. The research is designed to illegal interference to civil aviation the prevention and control of social harm posed by illegal interference in civil aviation, prevention of illegal interference for civil aviation is a huge social engineering requires the active participation of the whole society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Aviation Security, Civil Aviation Illegal Interference, The Mechanism Of Prevention And Control
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