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The Ancient City Of Dukezong:Post Disaster Reconstrction And Cultural Changes

Posted on:2017-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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People in different regions have different cultures. The people in the disaster environment could adapt to their life style and cultural development.Similarly, the concept of disaster and its construction plays an important role in the cultural studies in the disaster. One of the main reasons for the disaster changes in social culture, which leads to the social and cultural systems, cultural groups destruction adjustment and integration of new cannot be established in a short period of time. The post disaster reconstruction is a complex process, which filled with all kinds of contradictions and conflicts. Many problems cannot be neglected in the reconstruction process and the reconstruction of social and cultural changes should be in-depth study on it.This paper selects Yunnan Shangri-La dukezong fire disaster as an example, the reconstruction process has conflict and post disaster could change social and cultural. One is the focus on the analysis of the city suffered a fire and the existence of the risk. The second is focus discuss the resumption of generated in the process of reconstruction conflict The third is focus on post disaster recovery and reconstruction of the ancient city lead to social and cultural changes. In anthropology, cultural changes as a long-term research issues, now in the era of rapid development, fire emergencies caused by cultural change is no longer far away us, but now happen around us.In the context of post disaster reconstruction, a series of profound cultural changes will take place in the ancient city. This study can provide a reference for the risk of the ancient city, reflect on the problems of disaster prevention and mitigation measures in the post disaster reconstruction, then provide a possibility for the future of the city’s disaster management as a whole.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fire of the ancient city, Conflict of dramaturgy, Cultural Change
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