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Research On The Improvement Of W Ethnic Township Government Governance Capability In SiChuan Province

Posted on:2017-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488486055Subject:Administrative Management
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Ethnic township government is a kind of power at the grass-roots level, a special form of township-level government, and a supplement to the system of regional national autonomy, established in ethnic minority regions, which doesn’t meet the standard of the regional national autonomy and equals to the township administrative divisions. It plays an important role in the township governance. Ethnic township government governance ability is an important part of the national governance ability. Strong ethnic township government governance capability is a powerful guarantee to build a well-off society, having far-reaching significance to promote the new urbanization construction, build a harmonious socialist society, and realize national long-term stability. Based on the support of governance theory, on the basis of existing research, from the perspective of administrative science, The article illustrates the concept of ethnic township government governance ability, puts W ethnic township of SiChuan province as the research object, uses literature analysis, comparative research, field study method and interview method to analyze W ethnic township government governance capability. The achievements of W ethnic township government governance ability are the increase of political democratization, the constant improve of social autonomy ability, the enhancement of social stability ability, the improve of public service capacity, the achievement of poverty alleviation and reduction. The problems is that the level of policy implementation ability, fiscal capacity, public crisis response capacity, the effective supply capacity of public service are low. The reason is that government civil servants governance ability is low, government performance appraisal system is not scientific, governance subject is single. On the basis of the advanced experience, to promote W ethnic township government governance ability, the article puts forward four countermeasures and Suggestions:Strengthen the construction of civil servants, improve government policy implementation ability. Open source and throttle simultaneously, improve government finance ability. Set up the crisis consciousness, improve government crisis response capacity. Foster the subject of public service supply, improve government public service ability. which is hoping to improve W ethnic township government governance capability and modernize W ethnic township government governance capability quickly.
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