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Research On The Relationship Between Formal And Informal Institutions In The Rural Governance

Posted on:2017-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening-up and the collapse of "social unity government" institution, the management methods have changed gradually from administration to governance by the government. The informal institution in the rural society which has experienced an impact under the rights of the nation now has a tendency of backing again. At present, the basic characteristics of China’s rural society is not only keeping a little contact with the government, but also has a set of flexible informal institution inside that is a place of traditional and modern factors intertexture together, thus making it possible to have an interaction between the regulative oriented national institution and the rural informal institution which is based on the normative and cultural cognitive. The interaction between the two institutions decides the effect of rural governance in our country.At present,there still exists a large gap in the rural development,the nature of the rural society is different, and so the rural governance methods cannot be treated as the same. For this reason, my thesis is taking K,the city of two traditional villages A and B, as an example, to analyze the interactions between formal and informal institutions in the rural governance, so as to explore the different relationships in the specific interaction between them, and the influence on the rural governance in our country.For a long time ever,a rational system designers are emphasizing on how to set a formal institution at the same time which makes it perfect in the process of rural governance.They usually attribute the problems to the defective institution itself,which has ignored the important role of informal institution. Actually,rural governance is a process of fully using social resources and internalizes the top down institution in the is hard to realize seamless joint between the formal institution and informal institution and the mismatch of the two institutions, which are mainly blamed to the invalidation of the formal institution in the rural governance.From the level of the systematic elements,formal institution emphasize on the factor of the regulative.Ho wev-er,informal institution is paying more attention to the element of normative and cultural cogitive.In the same social system,the three elements of the institution will be combined together in different ways,which makes the two institutions present a relationship with conflict,compromise and complementation.Taking the intellectual level to analyze,rural governance is a stage of "institution--action--inplementation governance",which is a process of "macro--micro--macro".The three elements will combine together in different ways that are different relationships between the formal institution and informal institution. That will guide villagers to make different rational choices and action strategies, thereby affecting the actual effect of rural governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Formal institution, Informal institution, Relationship, Behavior rules, Governance effect
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