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The Study On Non-agriculturalization Of Part-time Peasant Household From The Perspective Of Autonomy

Posted on:2017-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper is based on a general trend, which is the farmers’ autonomy has been strengthened since the reform and opening up, the rise of part-time peasant household and non-agriculturalization of peasant household. Taking the village of household as the field of study and mining farmers traditional prototyping and background through the way of typical peasant household survey, in order to exploring the process of the emergence, development, maturity and implementation of farmers to non-agricultural sectors. Referencing "peasant autonomy-peasant non-agriculturalization-family country relations vicissitude" logical clue, taking the changes of farmers’ autonomy as analysis carrier, to investigating and analyzing the root cause of occurrence for non-agricultural households. And eventually adhering to exploring autonomy, peasant non-agriculturalization and changes of the relationship between family and state.In the investigation in long time for typical farmers from the traditional to the current, we can find the peasant household concurrently industry and the non-agriculture process has mainly experienced three stages, the prototype and the distortion (-1978), reforms and commences a venture (1979-2000) as well as with transforms maturely (2001-2015).In prototype and distortion stage, mainly is the traditional time independent small farmer the collectivization peasant household which had been established after to new China transforms, the peasant household right to independence has in fact received the compression and the limit. In the transformation and the start stage, the implementation of the rural household contract responsibility system, farmers enthusiasm greatly improved, also objectively promoted the formation of concurrent-business peasant household sideline and slow development. In the maturity and degenerated phase, along with the new century for the peasants’ autonomy in the further expansion and live, farmers and the degree of the industry, and to gradually increase to non-agricultural sectors. Thus, back and forth non-agriculturalization multiple occupations of farmers has experienced more than 30 years.In reference to the origin, focus on changes in the process, we can clearly see that the farmers and farmers’ autonomy or autonomy are cross-cutting theme and industry farmers to non-agricultural sectors are the core elements and key clues. Autonomy to expand and improve, which is the root cause of many farmers to multiple occupations, the non-agricultural. Through the study also found that the autonomy of the changes in different periods, as well as of the current and the industry to non-agricultural sectors, farmers are invariably have an impact on the relationship between the household and family relations. From traditional period of lax relationship to the collectivization era compact with 1980-1990s for the strengthening of relations between village, household relationship with the weakening of the collectivization era to today’s loose relationship between household and home countries, the household relations that are equally deprecated, are under the influence of the autonomy of the farmers to occur. Non-agriculture in objectively led to the current peasant households village relationship loose, household weakening situation, also for the whole of the village governance has brought many problems and challenges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Autonomy, Peasant Household, Part-time Peasant Household, Non-Agriculturalization, the Relationship between Household Registration
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